Thursday, August 14, 2008

i got off

so, we went to court this morning for my speeding ticket. here are a few observations.

1. traffic court and the cops who give you speeding tickets for minor traffic things are a scam. yes, i know i was speeding. i was doing 47 in a 35 zone. it was not in a neighborhood; there were no kids on the road, etc. yes, i came to a rolling stop at a stop sign where i could easily see 1/2 a mile either way and nothing was coming.

2. the hubs went w/ me, thank god, cos shit like that makes me nervous. the last time i was in that court house for a speeding ticket was when i was in college and i almost lost my license.

3. you stand in one of those snake lines, weaving around people for more than an hour then you walk through this door and hand the woman your ticket. she asks nothing other than are you paying this today. i asked if it would help to see a copy of my driving record--it's clean now. : ) that's when the hubs said he wanted it reduced to faulty equipment (for the rolling stop). she reduced it to faulty equipment and five miles over rather than the 12 miles over. so i don't get points on my license but we did have to pay the $170 fine and court costs. (SCAM)

4. while i'm totally glad that it got pled down, i just think it's wrong and a scam (though as i said, i'm happy i benefited from it). if you're speeding you're speeding, end of story. however, i think what causes the scam is that people will do just about anything to avoid those damn insurance points--insurance, another fucking scam.

5. and people wonder why i have such a cynical apathy toward politics and all that surrounds it.

6. also, holy crap on the people at the courthouse. seriously. we're standing in line and i'm looking around. people, i'm not a shallow person by nature. i don't judge people by their looks (unless they're stupid) but fuck, 99% of the people there were butt ugly. seriously, if that's a cross section of the population at large, there really are few good looking people. one rarely gets to see things from this perspective. the people you see day to day are often your friends and family, and while you may say so and so is beautiful, you don't (or at least i don't) often think people are just flat out ugly. but looking at a bunch of people you don't know allows you to be objective and i'm telling you, there were some really, really ugly people there. and their outfits? hell, i don't feel like such a fashion don't now.


Astarte said...

I agree there are a lot of scary looking people out there!

Traffic court stinks, big time. I went one time, after being ambushed in a HUGE traffic trap (literally, cars were getting pulled over by the dozen, it was a straightaway with no houses, so everyone did, like, 50), and the officer didn't even show up! Luckily, I didn't have to pay the speeding portion, but I STILL had to pay the court fees, even though the charge was dismissed!!! ARGH!

Anonymous said...

Don't you love to people watch! I sometimes wonder what people were thinking when they picked out on outfit to wear in public. It sure makes me feel better about myself!