Tuesday, August 26, 2008

food fight

it is no secret that i do not like cooking and meal planning. i am jealous of those who are. my sil for example actually has a menu on her fridge (or at least they used to) of the meals for the week. i can't think that far ahead. my friend broad is like martha stewart with the things she makes. i am green w/ envy over the both of them.

one reason i hate these two chores is the kids. i have two of the pickiest eaters. i know i'm not alone. i read other blogs. my kids are not unusual. for awhile i internally freaked out about this. they aren't getting enough fruits and veggies, where's the fiber, etc. but then i figured they're both healthy, they aren't starving and every once in awhile i get something besides junk and meat in them.

take the boy for example. he will eat most meats but he doesn't like flavor...as in marinades, rubs, etc. he wants plain meat and he'd rather it didn't have grill marks on it. he eats no condiments. sandwiches? dry. meat and bread. when he was a toddler he would eat jelly and cheese sandwiches. i have no freaking idea where he came up with that, but that's the only sandwich he'd eat for years. he does not eat butter. on anything. he does eat fruit but veggies i have to force. salad? he'll eat w/out dressing. and, he is the only child i've ever met that will not eat mac and cheese. he doesn't like cheese cooked in anything or melted on anything.

the girl doesn't like homemade mac, only the orange stuff from the box. she goes back and forth on meat. a few years ago she didn't want any meat. we'd go to the grocery store and in the meat department she'd say, look at all those poor cows. she would live on chips if i let her. she begrudgingly eats fruit and is a little better w/ the veggies.

lots of times for dinner we'll have the meat and side (the boy also doesn't eat most sides to include rice, potatoes (unless they're fries), pasta salads, noodles etc.) and the "healthy" stuff comes by way of raw carrots or applesauce (but only if it has cinnamon in it) or salad.

i've tried smoothies and they don't like those. i had spinach in salads and they've found me out. i even push that v8 fusion juice when i can get away with it cos it has the daily recommended stuff.

what tricks do you use?


Kristin.... said...

Ummm. no tricks, really. We may not always eat the fruits and veggies, but the kids love them.
yeah, I know. I'm no help.

KahBillKahRee said...

I loved to cook, and then I had my first picky eater that sucked the creative interest right out of me. He could taste and refuse sneaky healthy food a mile off. Years later, my now 13 year old has gratefully explained to me that as you age you LOSE tastebuds, so it's easier to try new foods because you can't taste them so much. The day he said can we please have Pad Thai for dinner my heart danced a jig. New foods in my house were tried and more likely enjoyed: when we ate out (Hooray for hibachi steakhouses!); when we ate at other people's houses; when they ate at other people's houses without me; when they saw their sibling eating it; and at a kids cooking class.

broad minded said...

i am deeply touched that you put me in the realm of ms. stewart.

that being said, my child will eat only the following:
canadian bacon
chicken strips

sometimes he eats:

Lately he has taken a bite of a grape. We just about wept.

Anonymous said...

We use funny names alot like salmon is a pink etc. Mine still will not even try mac & cheese. I agree that the older they get the more they try. By the way, the menu on the fridge is to remind me what I bought at the store!!

creative kerfuffle said...

see, i knew i wasn't alone! i've heard the thing about the tastebuds kah that's why from time to time i make the little buggers try things (like mashed yummy sweet potatoes) again and again even when they whine and gag and say they don't like them.