Thursday, August 28, 2008

expectations vs. reality

this is what i EXPECTED my bday evening to be like:

come home from work, the hubs would make dinner then we'd do the usual--homework, baths and i'd do some laundry/get ready to leave for the beach tomorrow.

this is what ACTUALLY happened:

the hubs called me on the way home to confirm that he'd pick up the kids, though he was going to be a little late.

i got home before them. i walked into the kitchen and hanging from the light above the table was a note that said: hello pretty lady. we would just like to say we kidnapped your hubbi. for more info call this number (the hubs cell) signed heidi and ben (aha--another name for you).

i called the cell and heidi answered it. she said, if you want to see your husband again you must follow these directions. ben then got on the phone and told me to go to the computer desk where i would find the gps with further instructions. then they hung up.

the instructions w/ the gps said: turn on gps; on screen touch where to; go to favorites; pick where we are at. you better be right the first time because you don't have much time. there was a listing that said lisa (that's me!) go here.

so i followed the gps directions to a mexican restaurant and there the kids were w/ the "kidnapped" hubs.

this totally surprised me and blew me away. how cool is THAT?? it should be noted that i'm really the only one in my family that really likes mexican food. the kids love tacos at home and they like some stuff at taco bell, but authentic mexican food, not so much. so we had dinner, complete w/ the birthday singing and sombrero wearing w/ dessert. it was really very sweet and cool.

when we got home i promptly fell into a mexican-food-induced sleep coma for about 30 mins : )

earlier in the day i received a few ecards, email well-wishes, and the hubs called me about every other hour to wish me happy birthday. lunch was up in the air--i'd been out earlier in the week w/ friends and next week i'm going w/ other friends so today i thought i was on my own. the hubs was in climax (yes, it really is the name of a town) and he finished climaxing ; ) in time to take me to lunch.

what a great 40th bday! : )

(psst--oddly enough, i did secretly wish that someone would have decorated my pod at work in black crepe paper or something but my friends that would do such were either out of town or do not work w/ me any more)

*****added on friday*****
the hubs told me that the girl wanted to put her own twist on the whole--we kidnapped your husband theme--while they were waiting for me in the restaurant parking lot she wanted the hubs to get in the trunk of the car : ) he he he (he did not).

also, right after the kids went to bed we were sitting on the patio. the hubs went in to get something then told me to come in and look at the boy's finger cos he had a splinter. i walked into the kitchen and there were cards and a baby birthday cake (i told him i didn't want a cake cos we're leaving for the beach today and a cake would be wasted) just large enough to hold the big 4 and 0 candle. so they sang happy birthday : ) awesome night....all the way around ; )


Kristin.... said...

Oh how awesome! What a great birthday surprise!!!!!!!!

{sue} said...

What a great surprise!!! Happy birthday!!!

Astarte said...

Awwww! WOW! How wonderful that they all took that time to show you how important you are to them! I'm so glad for you!

Trish said...

How sweet and clever!
I'm glad you had a happy one!