Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the annual

the females in the audience will relate more to this post, and for the males (are there any?) perhaps it will provide insight.

having your annual exam for a woman is a pain in the ass. ok, at least it is for me. granted it's not THAT bad, but just having someone with their face in your whoha that isn't the hubs about to pleasure it is a little discerning.

since i'm not in the baby making stage any longer and i like my regular doc (she's a pa actually) i just have my appt. there and not at an ob/gyn.

so i do the weight thing (i've lost 7 lbs since may when i had poison ivy, thank you), blood pressure good, pulse good, etc. she gave me about a five minute talk on quitting smoking, like i don't know i need to do that. then the exam. breast exam and pelvic. i understand the purpose but really, having someone stick a speculum in your vagina is really not the most comfortable thing. then there's the poking around to find the ovaries and voila, done. guys are SOOOO lucky they don't have to do this. sitting there w/ your legs spread open while some one's fiddling around with your naughty bits and trying to make pleasant conversation to take your mind off of it is just weird.

plus, and i think i've mentioned this before, i hide my bra and underwear under my clothes--do you do that?

then it's blood work (which i can't watch) and the urine specimen. here again, guys have it so much easier.

in other non related news---i got back into town thursday, the hubs was out of town sunday night and now he'll be back out tonight and tomorrow night. sometimes timing totally sucks balls. and, because of his prompting, we're having a cookout at my folks on saturday and my bro/sil are getting out of it because it's her dad's birthday. nice. it's all the hubs' fault! ; )


Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one who hid her bra and panites under my clothes on the chair. Like - I dont want you to see my under-garments, but go ahead and gaze away at my peeper and boobs, ya know?? Crazy chicks - that's what we are!!


Astarte said...

I TOTALLY hide my bra and panties inside my clothes. Bad enough they know what my pieces/parts look like without seeing them, too! Maybe if I was all sexy Victoria's Secret, I'd be more willing, but since I'm on more of a Target budget, um, no. Plus, I'm not exactly skinny, so the panties in particular are, um, larger than I would like. I mean, they're not a parachute or anything, but still. No.

broad minded said...

ugh i have that coming up in sept. my two fave gyno comments ever:

1) when he congratulated himself on the healing of my csection scar one year later (yeah dude - i am happy for you)

2) this spring when i visited b/c of some issues and he did a special ultrasound and pronounced my uterus "clean as a whistle." but i ask, does it whistle dixie?

creative kerfuffle said...

why do we care if they see our undies? spanx is right (long time no see btw) we're all crazy : )
broad--if it whistle's dixie you could quit your job and move to vegas : )