Tuesday, August 26, 2008

3:57 pm

by my computer but the phone says 4:01pm. i officially checked out of working about an hour ago when sweet t sent me this link about cake disasters. go on, enjoy.

she told me this joke at lunch today that i cannot get out of my head, though some people just don't get it. it probably doesn't work reading it, you have to SAY it. here goes:

what do you call a brown chicken in front of a brown cow??

(it's all in the delivery people)

answer: brown chicken brown cow (you have to say it fast and in a porno music voice)

go on, enjoy that too : )

so the hubs has a last minute over night trip tonight. fucker. ok, not his fault and he's not the fucker, his stupid company is.

but, i am getting through this day and this week with thoughts that friday i am going to get my hair done (that sounds so old lady-ish) (hair--getting my high lights touched up and getting a trim)and we're leaving for the beach.

aside from looking at the cake disaster i've spent the last 30 minutes trying to follow the directions on how to access a copy of my recent pay stub on our stupid company intranet since our company decided to go paperless this year. i swear to all that is good in this world--sometimes technology blows big time. why can't i just download or copy the damn thing? nooooooo i have to go through no less than 6 steps to register through the paycheck company before they will email me a password so i can then go back to the web site and go through another 4-5 pages of online crap so i can print out my fucking paystub. can they MAKE that any more fucked up complicated? i think not. bleh.

aside from the cake link and the funny joke sweet t also gave me a piece of orbit mint mohito gum at lunch. despite the fact that it tastes like minty nastiness it is now 4:09 and dammit if i'm not still chewing the hell out of this gum. wtf?

also, my sister is now married. yep, she and jose tied the knot earlier today at the justice of the peace (or in her case piece) god i crack myself up sometimes.

and the hubs, who's a total instigator but somehow delivers it so well that it comes of as concern, called my mom to ask her about it. he called and asked her if she was sad. so she sent out this email (and copied me) to say what a wonderful son-in-law he is. SUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPP. ; ) then he called my sister to ask what her new last name is. they both took these as wonderful displays of concern by the hubs. again i say wtf? so i suppose i should call my sister tonight and congratulate her on trapping a man.


Kristin.... said...

husbands. total jerks sometimes. :)

and no, building wasn't a nightmare; our builder was a friend.

i'll be around all night if you want to email

Anonymous said...

We've had to do the whole online paystub thing, too. It was a pain here as well. Which I applaud the eco-friendliness, they could make it a bit easier to do.

Glad you're enjoying the cake wrecks and brown chicken brown cow joke!

I could see how your mom and sis could misconstrue the Hubs "concern" as genuine. He's smooth like that, unless you know him. :)

Sweet T

Anonymous said...

Sweet T,
I am smoothe even if u know me. When are u gonna come out of the closet and admit that u think I am the shit. I da man.

broad minded said...

oh dear. hubs stop harassing sweet t.

it is a fundamental law of the universe that if you say you are da man, that automatically disqualifies you from in fact being da man.

i learned that in college.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Thanks, Broad.

Sweet T

Anonymous said...

I know it is hard for you to reconcile your secret admiration of me with your liberal views, but come on. Ya know ya like it. What you learned in college was what girls told each other when they were wall flowers. When you truly are da man, you can say it. If I were to rephrase and say who da man, you and sweet T would say under your breath, "Mike da man." before you spoke an untruth out loud to hide your true feelings.

creative kerfuffle said...

ok, i'm about to pee my pants! it's just one big secret love orgy fest here in ck land ; )

Anonymous said...

broad broad broad...we all know that every liberal girl has the hots for a repub boy because you know that while a liberal male maybe sensitive and in tune to your feelings, the radical repub gives it to you in ways that you won't tell your mama ya like.
da hubs

Anonymous said...

Whoa! I missed these posts. Sorry, Iron Mike, I'm just not THAT into you. While I do genuinely appreciate some of your qualities, I prefer a man who is a bit more, shall we say, humble. :)

Unleashed geek girls rule!

Sweet T

broad minded said...

you tell him sweet t!

Anonymous said...

Sweet T,

I do not believe that. While I think humble is great, I think that when the chips are down, and life gets real serious, humble doesnt cut it. It is like Jack Nicholson said in that movie, Ya may not always like people like me, but if ever you need protection, you will be glad to have someone like me around. Both you and Broad are safe. If I like you, Ill do anything for you. You both fit in that category, so if ever you are in need, My very un-humble self will have your back. I do have an interesting question. If you were looking for a mate, would you rather have someone that might be a little,shall we say cocky, or would you want someone that is so humble that you are in fact the Alpha. I have to believe that while most people think that they can handle anything that comes along, there is a sence of relief at knowing there is someone behind you that is ready, willing and able to take up the slack should the need arise.