Friday, May 30, 2008

a dream come true

i might possibly get to meet, in person, rod, this summer. holy shit!!!! OMG!!!! my heart is beating so fast i can barely breathe. i will not be right the rest of the day. i'm beside myself with excitement and giddiness.

i will try to calm down enough to write this post. i will be in las vegas this summer for work and rod is giving a performance at the place i will be working, like for this specific group. he is scheduled to be in vegas anyway for a regular concert somewhere. the hubs said he's probably doing this gig so he can pick up some extra cash for alimony. no doubt.

people, you may not understand my feelings for rod. i have loved his music since i could hear music. trust me, i know what some people (like most of my friends) and critics think about him. but, how can you hear maggie may or someone like you or my heart can't tell you no, you're in my heart and not FEEL something? it's his voice. and his style. and yes, in the 80s, when i first saw him in concert, out of order, it was his physical appearance. i heart him.

up until that point i'd listened to the old stuff and loved most of it. i hate (as i've read he does to) do ya think i'm sexy? but the rest? music gold. i saw him in concert again in the 90s w/ the hubs. at that time he was married to rachel and we agreed they would be our swap couple.

i realize he's been married a lot and has kids with just about everyone and he's married again. i don't care. really. he has never been given enough credit for his talent. never. (hey, sort of like the critics scoff at stephen king. i seem to like underdogs; successful, albeit shunned from the critics, underdogs).

if i do indeed get to actually meet him in person (like i did rick springfield a few years ago) i hope i can hold my shit together. i don't want him to think that i'm this crazed middled-aged freaky woman who's obsessed with him. (ok, maybe i am.)

just look at him? he is a petite man (like prince) and that's not typically the look i like. but the style? and, i've seen him on interviews. he's very humble and witty. and did i mention i love his voice? frankly i thought he was really ugly when he was younger and w/ faces and jeff beck. but in the 80s he was incredibly hot.


Kristin.... said...

OMG you're too funny!

creative kerfuffle said...

what??? what's so funny about rod?? and for my mean friends, don't even answer that. it was rhetorical.