Tuesday, May 20, 2008

random list

1. sooooo....guess who has poison ivy again? yep. that would be moi. though i cannot pinpoint the exact time and location that i contracted it it had to be saturday in the backyard. i did the weed eating this weekend while the hubs and bro were doing guy stuff. the hubs usually weed eats. i showered right afterwards. sunday i noticed a few itchy spots. yesterday, more. yeah, i have a dr's appt. for thursday unless she has a cancellation tomorrow. where do i have it? oh, there's some on my chin, arm, neck, stomach, breast, yeah, how the hell did it get all those places????

2. the girl has got this fucked up country song stuck in my head--our song? ....and when i get home, 'for i say aaaamen...something else. and she puts a twang in it no less. now, i'm partial to SOME country, seriously, i'm an equal opportunity listener. but she sings this all the time and now i can't get it out of my head! aiiiiiiigh.

3. teacher gifts. it is closing in on the end of the year and time to buy the dreaded teacher gifts. we did not do this when i was in school. wtf? ok. so any good suggestions? i'm looking at maybe $15 per teacher and i have three to buy for.

4. a miracle happened yesterday. we went to tarjay last night and spent a whopping $6! can you believe that?

5. this weekend i caught parts of trading places and fast times at ridgemont high on tv. uh, did i miss when i was younger or have i just forgotten that movies in the 80s were a bit more risque? half frontal female nudity seemed to be a requirement. and fuck apparently isn't such a bad word. ok, so i use it a lot here but i don't use it around my kids and i don't use it in every sentence in real life. did you realize that nicholas (coppala as he was known then) cage and eric stolzt were in fast times? i hadn't realized that. small, small parts, but still.

6. the girl has started "dating" the little boy she dated a year ago. from what i can piece together, this is what happened friday. they were at recess, running around chasing each other and fussing at each other and she said something like well, what would you think if we were boyfriend and girlfriend again? and he was like, well, i guess that would be fine. ah, young love.


Kristin.... said...

CK~go read Swistle's post from last week about Teacher Gifts. It was excellent.

young love. blech. :)

I've never had poison ivy. I hope to never get poison ivy. Right now I'm covered in black fly bites. They itch and hurt.

Trish said...

Is this the same boy that told her she had little boobs?

creative kerfuffle said...

K--i read swistle's post. cool idea, but actually i liked one better made by a commenter--the pill box thing? cool. the letter thing is very sweet but i don't feel i know them well enough to write a personal note (been a slacker mom this year).
and--poison ivy is a bitch. the last several (like 5) yrs i get it in the spring and get it so badly i need a shot plus meds plus a cream. yeah, fun.
trish--no, this isn't the same one. this is the one she went to the movies w/ (the hubs sat behind them) and she said he had sweatie hands and wore too much cologne.

{sue} said...

oooh... I get poison ivy like that too. I got it once when I was breastfeeding and I got it all over my boobs (I had touched it and not realized, then fed the baby)... awful. The last time I had it, I got head to toe hives and the dr. said next time I might end up in the hospital. :-0 I am r-e-a-l-l-y careful now. But it's lurking out there....

creative kerfuffle said...

sue--OUCH! i have it on the side of one boob now and trying not to scratch..uh, almost impossible. i go to the dr tomorrow so hopefully i'll get a shot and keep it from getting worse.
nursing w/ it though? ugh. once when the boy was a baby and i was still nursing he had thrush and before i realized it it was too late and i got it on the boobs. omg. i wanted to chop them off right then and there.