Wednesday, May 21, 2008

looking for inspiration

*poll update---harry won (i knew he would). yeah harry. no doubt we'll be going to see the new indiana jones movie quite soon, the boy is fairly chomping at the bit and informed me (as if i've been oblivious to all the ads) that it opens tomorrow.*

and now back to our regular post. oh, and there's a new poll up. take it. now.

so posts have been pretty eh lately (at least in my opinion as i compare them to other blogs i read that make me laugh). so, to that end let's have a little interaction.

first, since this is my blog and in blogland i'm totally conceited and stuck on myself and like talking about myself, ask me a question, any question (in the comment section) and i will answer it. except you know, my name, ssn and address kind of stuff.

second, what are some OMG fucking hilarious blogs that you love to read? share the links please.

third, here's a little story about the...4th? time i was ever drunk. i'm sharing this now cos the hubs shared it with some of our friends at lunch today (who btw, said his beard IS hot thank you very much ; ) ).

the 4th time i was ever drunk was my freshman year in college (remember the first time i was drunk?) i went to marshall university in wv (this link is to an old post about wv/marshall and a tiny picture of a'll see why in a sec).

it was in november of my freshman year. i was SO full of myself. the hubs and i had dated all through high school but i went to college, got too big for my britches and broke up with him so i could "find myself" and "experience life." eh, stupid girl i was. anywhoo. though we were not dating we still talked on the phone all the time (he lived in ok). so one night, my new found college friends and i drank purple jesus. for those not familiar, this is grain alcohol and grape juice. mmm, yeah, you can imagine. i have no idea how much i actually drank (probably not much). we were drinking in our dorm room (sooo rebellious, cos you weren't supposed to have alcohol in the dorms. we were sooo bad. (rolling eyes)) we played cards and then i drunk dialed the hubs. from my closet. he could probably tell you the conversation word for word, i cannot. he says i said i was so ashamed of myself for being drunk and asked if he'd ever been drunk (hello, he was 21 by that time). at some point my friends and i decided it would be a great idea to explore the campus. at night. in november. drunk. we were loud. we walked across the field in front of our dorm to the student center where the memorial fountain was (have you seen the movie we are marshall? the quad is in a few of the scenes) they had not yet drained the fountain for the year. the water was cold. how do i know? cos we thought it would be funny to walk around the edge of it. it was a big ledge, like people's asses big, people always sat there. so it wasn't like balance beam skinny, but i was, you know, drunk. yep, i fell into it. freezing cold. then we ran back to the dorm. i assume i changed and then passed out because the next day was hell. i didn't go to breakfast in the dining hall. too hung over. my friends brought me bread. i ate it. and then spent the rest of the day puking up purple jesus. not pretty or fun. then my 4'5" grandma came to pick me up for the weekend and we stopped at shoney's for lunch. mmm, yeah. i told her i had the flu and she totally babied me all weekend and did my laundry.

editor's note--the hubs made up the poll question this time. his other question is this--have gas prices gotten so high that we should now drill in anwar and off the pacific coast?


Anonymous said...

Hubs: love ya, but ABSOLUTELY NOT, to the drilling in ANWR. There isn't enough oil there to make a difference, and it would take 20 years for it to be ready for our consumption. BAD BAD BAD! We should put that $$ into researching ways to not be dependent on oil.

Sweet T

broad minded said...

tell him sweet t. ANWAR is not the answer and never has been. it had merely been a red herring thrown out by the govt and oil companies to distract people. plus it probably wouldn't even be a high enough grade oil for gas anyway.

creative kerfuffle said...

seriously, i write this looongg assed post and two sentences at the bottom get all the comments? ; ) nice. perhaps the hubs will comment. you know how i feel about politics.