Friday, May 23, 2008

MacGyver and the turd

last night the hubs and i were sitting on the patio and the boy was jumping on the trampoline. shortly he came walking across the yard. he was holding his arms out and walking like frankenstein.

me: what's wrong?

the boy: well, i was jumping on the trampoline and i thought i was going to fart but a wet turd came out instead.

(i'll pause while you laugh hysterically)

the hubs busts out laughing. i just shake my head. what do you even say to that?

he went in to get cleaned up and the hubs said: yeah, his wife is going to have a hard road to hoe when he gets married.

about an hour later the hubs, the girl and i were out spraying the flowers and the boy comes up to me with fear in his eyes.

the boy: something really bad happened.

me: what?

the boy: i locked your keys in your car.

uh oh. we have one key to my car because it is one of those stupid ones w/ a chip in it that costs $120 to have duplicated at the dealership. stupid. we double checked to see if any of the doors were unlocked. of course they weren't. (the boy was getting in there to get cds out because the girl gave him her cd player when she got the mp3 player) fortunately i'd left a passenger side window open a scouch (cool word). the hubs got a wire coat hanger and macgyvered the hell out of it and 15 minutes later had the door open. wow. he never ceases to amaze me. really.

two random things:

one of the things that has made me feel like a failure as a parent got crossed of my list this week. the girl learned (at 11) how to ride a bike. yes, it's true. despite the fact that both kids have bikes (still w/ training wheels) and the girl has had two bikes so far, she finally, two days ago, learned to ride a bike. (the boy is working on it). now of course she needs a bike and helmet that fit her size, but i'm so proud. : )

if you haven't watched the alaska experiment on discovery channel, check it out. that is if you like man vs. nature type of shows. discovery is famous for running a kabillion episodes of a show back to back and last night the hubs and i got sucked in to three episodes and now we're dvring it. it's fascinating. there are four teams and they're each at different camps about 30+ miles a part. they are spending 3 months in alaska, in the winter. they have to find their own water, wood for heating and food. sometimes an expert guide comes in to show them how to hunt a moose or goat, etc. but the participants have to do all the work.


Anonymous said...

Alright I am sending over my child for you to teach him how to ride a bike. He was doing great until he got too tall for his and I bought the next size up. Now it's so big he can't muscle the pedals on the stupid thing. It's such a wonderful decoration on my front porch gathering pollen.

Kristin.... said...

Ok, I feel better about the bike thing because my 7 year old can't either.

FUNNY~Doug is quite into the Alaska Experiment and we watched some last night. I can't stand watching them skin animals. blech.

funny boy story..... :)

creative kerfuffle said...

i honestly cannot take credit for the girl learning to ride the bike. (hence the reason i was feeling like a failure parent). she's always had a bike w/ training wheels and used to ride it then would lose interest and i never really worked w/ her on it. she just did it on her own this time. now she needs a bike though because that one is way too small.
on the alaska experiment--yeah, the gutting stuff makes me sick too, but i guess if that's the only thing you had to eat you'd do it.