Sunday, May 11, 2008

oh happy day indeed

i do not claim to be psychic but when it comes to getting gifts i have a certain sense of things. i may not know exactly what i'm being given, but i have a sense of it if that MAKES any sense. especially when it comes to getting something from the hubs.

back in march, when i was out of town for the conf., the hubs had a mother's day plan. this was a MONUMENTAL first for him because although he is always planning and pondering and deciding on what to get, the actually gift shopping typically takes place the night before or the day of any said event. however, back in march he cooked up a little something w/ the kids. they had made these pictures at school and there was a company that turned the pictures into product. when i got back from savannah i had two cool fridge magnets based on pics each kid did. cool. i didn't think anything else about it.

about a week ago the boy was busting at the seams when i picked him up from daycare. apparently when they ordered the magnets they also ordered a paperweight and a coffee mug (one from each kid which were to be for mother's day). the boy inadvertently spilled the beans. they are lovely, cool presents and it didn't bother me in the least that i got them before mother's day. the hubs kept telling me, well, that was it, i wasn't getting anything else. while that would have been totally fine, really, i knew he was lying.

he picked the kids up from daycare friday. when we all got home i knew something was up. neither of the kids had said a word, but i just felt like they'd been shopping. i quizzed them (i know, i'm bad) but nobody gave up a thing. the hubs kept saying he hoped it was ok that i'd already gotten my presents so early. yeah, yeah.

he did have the foresight yesterday to ask me how early the kids could wake me. several years ago they brought me breakfast in bed at some ungodly hour of 7 am or something and i was less than thrilled. i am not a morning person. i said 9:30 was fine. 9:30 this morning they woke me up w/ coffee and hugs. then off to the kitchen where the hubs was making pancakes.

the kids gave me a gift and i opened it. it was a phone. after our hellacious storm the other night i reminded the hubs we needed to get a phone in the house that was not cordless. and so i got one. cool, but they were all still acting suspicious. the kids giggled as i opened it and the hubs wouldn't look at me directly. we hope you like it, that's all you got. : ) ok, yeah right.

then the hubs sent the kids to the garage to "feed the dogs." lol, my family would never make it in the spy business, but it's so endearing. the kids come out with another present and some envelopes.

the first gift was a willow tree statue, promise (do you know willow tree?) i love them and we have a few. i also got a gift certificate for a mani and pedi. how awesome is that? the kids got me these cards that sing but you can also record a message on them and of course the hubs pulled through on the tear jerker card that says everything you'd always want your husband to say. i heart my family.


Kristin.... said...

Nice day! Sometimes they DO get it right. :)

Astarte said...

Wow!!! What a great fountain of gifts you got!!! I love watching the kids try to be secretive. Poor Patrick blows it every time, but it's actually funnier that he does, anyway.

I'm glad you had such a happy day. :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day indeed!

Sweet T