Sunday, May 4, 2008

sunday afternoon

if i could type the way my head feels it would be bpmhmp thm lsemphm. the pollen has me under its spell. my head is full. i can't hear out of one ear and my eyes are itchy. yes, i'm taking not only my prescription allegra but also some over the counter stuff. not helping so much.

otherwise, not a bad weekend. friday night we went to our local downtown annual fair. my bro and sil came with their kids and my mom and sister w/ her kids. my dad never comes to stuff like this. that would require being awake after 6pm.

i think the kids had a good time despite the fact the girl was certain it was going to be lame (cos, ya know, 11 year olds just don't have fun playing games and riding rides.)

saturday the girl and i got our hair done. she finally got the black tips she's been wanting. i got my roots done and a cut. the girl was sooo excited to get her's done. there was an old lady getting her weekly wash and set at the booth next to ours and she said she'd never have let her kids do that. granted the woman was like 600 years old. i told her if tips on her hair are the worst things i have to worry about right now i'm doing good. i love when people try to give you unsolicited advice.

i watched boxing last night. i don't get it. not the fighting part, i get that. but the actual setting up of the fights. if one boxer is like the best in his weight class (as i assume de la hoya is) why would anyone want to fight him knowing they will most likely lose? it just seems like such a scam to me.

nothing terribly exciting to report. we've done some housework/yardwork errands, etc. the hubs has puttered a bit with his truck. did i tell you he got a truck? yeah, just a project truck. not a brand new nice one or anything. i think i already told you this. head is stuffy remember?

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