Thursday, May 1, 2008

a stolen meme

i stole this meme from stimeyland. feel free to steal and complete as well.
(*be warned, i'll probably have a few posts tonight, the hubs is out of town)

5 things found in your bag:
my calendar--full of kids' school stuff, upcoming work trips, deadlines and happy stuff like when puddin' was born, donut's baby shower, the spring folly (our local street festival) tomorrow night

one of those hellaciously big pads i wrote about the other day

trident splash peppermint gum

pink reading glasses (cos contacts and regular glasses just aren't enough apparently)

a bath & body coupon that is DYING to be used

5 favorite things in your room:
my bed. we bought the king sized bed right after the boy was born 8 years ago. it remains the best purchase we've ever made, at least in my mind.

cedar chest--my maternal grandpa (who died when my mom was a teen) made it. it's awesome. it used to be my mom's but she gave it to me.

horribly trashed upholstered rocking chair. the hubs would love to take it to the dump, mainly because the cats adopted it as a scratching post and it is hideous. however, we got that chair when the girl was a baby 11 yrs ago. i rocked and nursed and held both babies in that chair. it isn't going anywhere.

art--an abstract painting i did a few years ago; a print of penguins i did in high school and gave to the hubs when we were dating; framed pics each kid drew when they were toddlers

half empty bottles of bath & body works lotions

5 things you have always wanted to do:
visit antarctica

write an awesomely good novel in which awesomely does not appear

successfully raise my children in a way that they'll still like me when they become adults

fly a plane

learn to make pottery

5 things you are currently into:
crossword puzzles--i just got a new book. good ones are harder to find than you might think. i do not like easy crosswords (though i don't like really hard ones either); i don't like puzzle books, just crosswords; i do them in ink, not because i'm that good but because my old eyes can't read the pencil.

lost--we are on hiatus since we've finished the 3rd season and did not start watching the 4th. i miss sawyer and sayid. mmmmm.

my new niece--i went to visit them at lunch today. omg. so so precious. i held her for a long time (like my lunch hour turned into like 2 hours!). she smells so good and even though she was asleep almost the whole time i loved it.

watching the flowers the hubs has planted come up and deliberate about which bulbs we're going to order to plant in the fall. i can spend hours w/ a bulb catalog.

icanhascheezburger seriously give it a try. the first time i looked at that site i didn't get it. yeah, it's kinda cute and kinda funny. now? omg i waste waaaaaaayyyyy too much time on that site. i have been sucked in big time.

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