Sunday, May 18, 2008

life is good

today is a good day. yesterday the bro and the hubs did man stuff w/ the truck. i'm chronicling the truck saga in photos and except for the fact that i don't show people here, i'd love to show them to you. yesterday they loaded my old, dead lawn mower onto the truck so my brother could take it to his house, fix it up and mow his yard. uh, with a riding lawn mower he will be able to mow his yard in like three passes : ) he can mow his entire cul de sac! LOL

the family came over for a cookout, it was puddin's (my baby niece) first time here : ) i don't think the poor girl had a moment to herself we were all passing her around like crazy. even the kids whined for their turns to hold her. such a sweetie she is.

the hubs got up at the crack of dawn (not the original butt crack of 4am that he intended) to start smoking some pig body part to make homemade BBQ.

see? he's pretty awesome, i think i'll keep him : )

while we were sitting out on the patio, drinking coffee and enjoying the morning, the girl made a discovery.

see that thing that looks like a twig sticking out from the flower? it's a twig caterpillar, like an inchworm, it is a "looper." so i googled this oddity and so far as i can tell they're from austraila and new zealand! really? wtf is it doing in north carolina? the girl is taking it in to her science teacher in the morning. here's another pic.

yesterday, while the kids were playing outside one of my nephew's threw this panda up in the air and it got stuck on the tree (it was later rescued) but how funny is this?


Kristin.... said...

I love the panda picture. It looks so...lost. :)

hmmmm, pork. YUM!

best roast pork I ever had was in Italy~they roasted the whole pig on a spit and served it on rolls and small dixie cups of wine. heaven.

creative kerfuffle said...

k--the panda picture cracks me up! plus it's the kids' school mascot.

the pork on a spit sounds heavenly!