Wednesday, May 28, 2008

this that and the other thing

here's a recap of our long weekend.

i actually got off work early friday--one good thing about the company i work for. the workday before a long weekend we usually get half a day off gratis. since starting the job i'm in now i've rarely actually been able to enjoy this benefit. friday we were to get off at 12:30 i got out of there around 1:30. the hubs and i had a quick lunch and then i took my hot little bath and body works coupon to the b &bw and shopped : ) i. love. that. store. i don't buy all the stuff i want there cos i'd surely go broke but they had a memorial day sale so i got soap and lotion and love them.

picked up the kids, got home at 5 and had a message from a mother of one of the girl's friends. she was sorry the girl couldn't come to the sleep over but hoped she could come for the birthday party. whaaaaaatttt? it was the first i'd heard of it. i called her back, told her the girl would be there and sleeping over and she could keep her if she wanted. no i didn't really say that last part. now of course the boy is wondering, ok, what fun stuff do we get to do since the girl isn't here? ah. so much for my original friday night idea which included lazing around, possibly cuddling etc. and you know, vegging out. i semi got my way cos the boy was all geared up for an indiana jones triple play. ok. i can do that. the hubs and i both fell asleep at some point and i woke up at 2:30 and the boy was still watching. he slept until 11:30 the next morning. unheard of for him.

saturday was cleaning and errands and i can't remember what else. sunday was mowing and getting the yard ready cos we had friends over for a cookout. when we have these get togethers i always say, days later and to myself, that i probably invite too many people. what's a good party size? i never know. it's such a mix of friends. it always includes my brother/sil (and now puddin and my nephew--hey SIL--we need a nickname for him) cos they're friends and family. then there are my groups of friends. there are my oldest friends from the job i had before the boy was born (and during). there are the people i work with now (or who used to work w/ me but lucked out and got new jobs). i think for the most part these groups mix well. or maybe i force it. i don't know. i think i need to do smaller groups. i never know where to be because people cluster. anyway, it was nice. my friend famous's man said he had a good time and he feels at home at our house. that made me feel good. i love them : ) of course he also wants famous and i to have a rematch of the wrestling match we had several christmas parties ago. all i remember about match was that i ended up w/ a bruise on my head i think.

monday we went to see indy (see previous post) and got stuff ready to start opening the pool this week.

sweet t's got me thinking about writing my memoirs. (see comments on the what would you do post).

i feel that, for the most part, i do not fit in with the mix of blogs i read. you will not find these words in any of their blogs--fuck, dildo, tongue, sex, shit, etc.

remember when i previewed the sex ed movie the girl is going to learn about? well, this is the week for "family living." for her. she tells us each evening, at the dinner table, what they talked about that day. she's pretty bored since she knows all of this stuff. though she said she did learn what wet dreams are. oh hooray. she said when the boy starts changing his own sheets that means he's having wet dreams. tonight the topic was hair on body parts. so what happens this evening?

she gets out of the bathtub and says she has hair down there. (i haven't told the hubs yet. he'll probably have a coronary.) i looked. sure enough, she does. omg. so we checked her arm pits. no hair. so she says, i have hair, my boobs are starting to grow--now all i need is my period. i (who started this weekend) grumble out of the room mumbling, no, no you don't NEED it.

pass the peanut butter m&ms please.

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