Saturday, May 10, 2008

fruits of the hubs' labor

i wish i could take awesome, artistic, well-composed pictures, but alas i can't. anyway, i have to share these beauties from our yard. i do not take credit for this bounty as the hubs really is more of the green thumb than i am. when it comes to yard stuff i mow and he weed eats. we usually pick out the things to plant together and decide where they'll go. he does most all of the planting. he waters and sprays this miracle grow stuff (but it's not miracle grow it's something else totally awesome that he got on qvc--all organic) and he's the one (mostly) that does the weeding. i take the pictures : )

first, my grandma's peony. maw-maw (that's a southern term) died 8 years ago and about two years ago my paw-paw sold the house and moved into a retirement home. when he did i dug up some of the peony bush in their front yard and we the hubs has been babying it and nursing it since then. this year, for the first time, it bloomed.

isn't it gorgeous? i think it's my maw-maw's way of saying happy mother's day : )

here are some other shots from the yard


Anonymous said...

Pretty! I'm impressed with your photos and the flowers.

Sweet T

broad minded said...

very pretty indeed!

creative kerfuffle said...

they're quite awesome. the peony started toppling over so i cut it and have it on my desk, along w/ some roses. they smell awesome!