Tuesday, May 27, 2008

harry still has it

we went to see the new indiana jones movie yesterday. i wish i could say i totally loved it, but i didn't. it was good. it was not great. if you are 8 and love anything that has to do with indy you will love it (the boy and my nephew did). if you really (or even slightly) enjoyed the original three you will probably walk away from this movie a little sad because it just doesn't quite reach the mark.

that being said, it's good. all of the indy movies had a bit of wry humor, allowing harrison ford to show off that sexy, smirky grin of his, and this one did not fail. he's still using the whip, which is alluring, though i'm totally not into s&m. harrison still looks good, but it is apparent that he's aged (like that's a crime?).

the things that bothered me about this movie are that it wasn't as realistic as the others (like a giant stone rolling behind you is realistic? but still) and it was just a bit far-fetched. plus, the villain's accent was almost too cliche, though it did provide an excuse for one of indy's funny quips.

shia lebeouf did a good job as well. (though the james dean hairdo was too much for me) not familiar w/ shia? if you watched disney's even stevens he was the brother and he was in holes and transformers. i think he's a good up-and-coming-actor.


Kristin.... said...

As I haven't been to a movie theater in about 5 years, I'll have to see it on DVD in a year or so. sigh.

survive your weekend?

creative kerfuffle said...

if we didn't have a $3 theater in our town we wouldn't be going to the movies either K. seriously, movies at regular theaters are OUTRAGEOUS!
the weekend was busy, but good, i'm working on a post but am slammed right now at work so it may be a few days.