Sunday, June 1, 2008

sunday and things you may not know about me

1. i'm anal retentive about how the dishwasher is loaded. despite my efforts, no one in my house knows how to truly properly load a dishwasher. i always have to redo it. i do not mind this though.

2. i loathe washing silverware. i would rather wash a sink full of crusty dishes than wash silverware.

3. i love jamming a qtip as far in my ear as possible and twirling it around. it feels soooo good. yes, i realize you are not supposed to jam them far in. i live dangerously.

4. at least twice a month i am painfully aware or reminded of the fragility of life and that death is looming.

5. i love the smell of burning wood. in smokers, campfires, fireplaces--that kind of burning wood. not houses.

6. i don't normally cuss in real life like i do in person, uh, i mean on my blog. duh. sometimes i do get flustered and (when the kids aren't in ear shot) i will say fuck.

7. my mother almost said fuck yesterday when we were at their house for a cookout. i would hate to be my mother.

8. i like cinnamon flavored anything.

9. i think i made a mistake when i picked a profession. people who want/have to write should NEVER go into publishing. i should have been a teacher or....i don't even know what else. but if i had one redo in life it would be to redo my career path.

10. last night, at my mom's, my sister was talking about how huge of a raise she might possibly get by the end of the year. instead of being happy for her (if it comes to fruition) i was pissed to think that she could, in a few short years, without a college degree, be making close to what i made at my last job. after almost a decade of experience and a college degree.


Trish said...

Publishing SUCKS!!!
Maybe if your sister gets a raise she will go off welfare and have to pay taxes like the rest of us. Okay, that was snarky.

creative kerfuffle said...

nah, i thought the same thing about my sister. i thought she could also start paying for her kid's school lunch and stop taking money from my folks too : )

Kristin.... said...

Ha. More and more I find we are very much alike. My husband and I load the dishwasher completely differently. I have my ways of loading and unloading that he cannot fathom. I too love the smell of burning wood~fire pits or campfires are the best. Surprised I wasn't turned off from that smell after touring my in-laws burned out house 4 years ago. Cinammom rocks. I wished I hadn't gone to law school. Can't turn back time though. :(

broad minded said...

It is never too late to change careers. esp with the kiddies getting older and you and the hubs in a more secure place financially, take the plunge, go back to school. why not?

i think about it sometimes, but i am not miserable doing what i am doing now (unlike when I was where you are - sorry) and plus i am not sure what i would do. finally i am just plain lazy, this is easy for me.

creative kerfuffle said...

K--i think it's cool how much alike we are : )
broad--i don't really want to go back to school for a profession (maybe just fun classes at some point); plus, i have 2 to put thru college before i even think of doing anything like that. plus, i have to have a job w/ insurance. plus, i too am lazy about actually starting something new.

Anonymous said...

I like the teaching idea. I bet you could a lateral entry for english or something like that. I do know that if your sister ever lost that job, she wouldn't be able to get another that pays that.

creative kerfuffle said...

sil--i'm not convinced she's going to make what she said she would. you don't jump almost 20k in a year, not doing data entry. and, for the record, i wasn't being snarky about her not having a degree because i know lots of successful people who don't have a degree and i don't think a degree is what makes a person. i'm just ticked that i went to school and am working in my field of study and have been forever and she's basically fucked around all this time and is supposibly getting 20k more by the end of the year.