Thursday, May 8, 2008

foiled again? i think not

(first, i'm running soooooo late today, yes it is almost 9 and i'm still at home but i HAD to do this post from home cos there are pictures from last night). he he he he he ok, seriously folks do you honestly think i'd put nude pics up here? hell fucking no.
however, they boy unintentionally tried to foil my bone jumping plans last night (he did not succeed). a while after the kids had gone to bed i saw this note on his door:

and then discovered this in my bed. (the boy is the brown head you see slap dab in the middle of the bed, that blue thing is a monster.)

many would have given up the quest at this point right? nah, it was a mission to accomplish now so we made out like teenagers on the living room sofa : )


Anonymous said...

made me feel young again. Only thing that was lacking, was your little bro catching us and telling your mom. Those were the days.

creative kerfuffle said...

yes, and then you made her believe he'd lied and he got in trouble : ) good times!