Thursday, May 29, 2008

who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

for me, the wolf is the dentist. i. hate. the. dentist. not the actual person, but everything else surrounding it. the dentists i have dealt with the last few years are perfectly nice people. however, it has not always been so.

i have to have my three remaining wisdom teeth extracted. that's a nice way of saying CUT OUT OF MY MOUTH folks. with something sharp. thankfully i will be heavily, and i mean heavily medicated. a nice valium like pill 20 mins before i get to the office. some lovely, and i do mean lovely, laughing gas when i get there. then an iv twilight drip of something that will prevent me from knowing anything that is happening. heavy sedation is the only way to go for me.

this is happening on june 27.

i'm sure i went to the dentist as a kid, though i don't really remember. i have a few fillings. the first time i remember a dental experience was in middle school and i had a root canal. i would rather have died. it was awful. i hate the smells. i hate the sound of the equipment. i hate it all. i get sick just thinking about it. i get nervous beyond belief. i went in for my consult today about the extraction and THAT made me nervous.

my second bad experience was about 17 years ago. the hubs and i had just moved here and i had an impacted wisdom tooth (hence the reason i only have 3 now). it was around new year's eve. i had an awful, horrible dentist. i don't remember getting any pain medicine, i think he may have pulled it out w/ just the benefit of Novocaine and i hated every second of it.

i think this time around it will be much much better. plus, as i said, there's all that medication.


Anonymous said...

Sorry! Sounds like a crappy dentist who didn't go ahead and do all of your wisdom teeth at once. I had mine done in high school, under sedation. Watch out for what they tell you to do afterward, the rinsing and all. My Mom had better luck NOT rinsing her extraction site. My nephew rinsed his and had to go back four times to get them un-infected. Ick.

If you survived a root canal, it really shouldn't be that bad.

Sweet T

broad minded said...

i had all four wisdom teeth done in college, aside from the pain medication making me nauseous afterwards and therefore not worth it in my opinion, i was ok after the first day pain wise. however - i looked like ass for several weeks b/c my face swelled up like a far side kid and i had a black eye. but then i am a delicate flower.

and like sweet t said, if you survived a root canal, this should be nothing!

{sue} said...

I had mine done a few years ago. It wasn't terrible. And the twilight thing is great! Don't have rice for dinner that night. Just saying.

creative kerfuffle said...

yes, i've had suck ass dentists in the past--hence my aversion to dentists. broad--really, i'll be swollen that long? hmmm.
sue--ha on the rice! good to know though. plus, rice is so expensive these days. he he