Wednesday, May 28, 2008

one of the many reasons i love the hubs

those of you who know the hubs in real life know that he has this bad ass, tough guy, i don't give a shit about things attitude. he has always been the bad boy, the one your mom (well, not my mom but some moms) warned young girls about.

however, when it comes to our family he's a mush ball. when it comes to our animals he's a mush ball though he tries to deny it.

yesterday was the girl's cat's appointment to get all of her shots and to get spayed. yes, we are slack ass pet owners cos we hadn't had any of this done and we've had her for awhile (like two years). however, our cats are strictly indoor cats and rebel (my ancient cat) is fixed. the girl's cat goes into heat like every other day. she was on her regular cycle (whatever that is for cats) and then when she gets stressed out, when the girl's not there, etc. she kicks into heat again. so, off he took her.

despite the fact that we both have hellacious work schedules right now he was there to drop her off at 8am. when he filled out the paperwork he said the vet looked at him funny about the cat's name. it is princess meow meow. (the girl named her. we call her meow most of the time, or some derivative of that). so, you have this brawny tough guy bringing in this petite little kitty named princess meow meow. they asked if she was a daddy's girl. lol.

they told him he could call to check on meow around 3pm. he called. no answer. so he went to the office to check on her in person. apparently that's not normal. he also made them let her see meow, not just have them tell her how she was doing. again, not the norm. they again made a comment about the cat's name : )

of the 5-6 people who took their cats in yesterday he was the only one who opted for the addition $10 pain meds for when the cat comes home. also, apparently not the norm.

he was there bright and early (7:30am) to pick meow up and got her home before the girl left for school. the girl was beside herself yesterday morning over the cat surgery. she wanted to stay home with the cat today.

anyway, the point is, the hubs, for all his denying he has a huge heart, went the extra mile w/ the cat and did it all (he says) so the girl wouldn't be upset, so she'd know he saw the cat and made sure she was ok, etc. in reality, he loves that cat as much as we do and he's a softy.
this is meow in the girl's pet purse. this cat, from day one, has let the girl hold her like a baby (she prefers it actually), dress her in build-a-bear clothes, cuddle her, etc. if the girl cries, the cat jumps up in her face and meows and rubs against her. if the girl sniffs, the cat comes running. the cat "talks" to all of us, she's quite vocal. she really is a sweetie.

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Anonymous said...

Tell your hubs that he is not the only one to visit their cat after surgery. I did the same thing, it made the cat feel much calmer I am sure. At least I had a standard name though!