Tuesday, May 13, 2008


in light of yesterday's post on katharine hepburn and kristin's comment on conformity i've been thinking about whether i'm a nonconformist or not.

the definition: nonconformist--a person who does not conform to a generally accepted pattern of thought or action

i like to think i'm a nonconformist but in reality i don't know that i am.

here are unconventional things (i think) about me:

i married the first guy i fell in love with and seriously dated. granted, it was an on/off relationship for many years, but we ended up together and, despite statistics, we're still very happily together.

we lived together for about a year before we got married. not that uncommon these days actually.

most of the people in our age group (this august i'll be 40 and he'll be 43) have kids much older than ours (8 and 11).

for about a year or more in college i had half of my head shaved (think cyndi lauper--not totally bald)

otherwise i guess i tow the line. are you unconventional? if so how? do you think i'm unconventional? if so, how?


Kristin.... said...

I am so not unconvential. I do all the conventional things. Growing up I towed the line out of fear of repercussions from my parents; looking back I think I missed out on some things. And I'd love to blog about it, but my dad and brother read my blog. grrr.
We are quite similar, you and I. My husband was my first true love, though not my first boyfriend (although I was his first girlfriend). We were on and off again for 7 years before getting married. We also lived together for a year before getting married, but again, nothing out of the ordinary these days.

creative kerfuffle said...

K--growing up i towed the line too. the hubs described me in high school as "a parent's wet dream." i more than made up for that in college though, some good, some bad. the only fam that reads my blog is my SIL (maybe my BRO) but def. not the rest of them. did your bro and dad find your blog or did you tell them about it?

Kristin.... said...

I was a dumbass and told my brother, who told my dad (who prints out blogs for my mom). sigh.

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