Wednesday, March 12, 2008

warning, explicit content post

ok, first, let me apologize because as of late (like since monday) and mostly in real life, i've been out of it and by that i mean lethargic and tired. when i get lethargic and tired my dirty mind works overtime. i think it's my way of trying to wake myself up? i don't know. then, when i do that and people are all flabbergasted by it i just get worse. so if i have offended you this week (fuck you) i mean, i'm sorry. (please someone, if you know how to do strike through words tell me how!)

after the egg post i did get some questions about it's usage and so i thought i'd clear up a few things. first, no, the egg is not cold, not at all. the battery is in the egg shaped part. like many things with batteries they get warm when used. second, it really is better as an external stimulus rather than internal. it's really too small for internal imho.

yes, in the last six months or so i have started traveling with it. this does not mean that i use it every time, every night i'm traveling. no, i am not a nympho. the hubs can attest to that. no, we are not an over sexed couple (what is that anyway?) and no we do not have sex every day. we don't talk about sex every day. really, it is not the most important part of our life. it is a very good part of our life, but not the most important.


{sue} said...

Funny stuff!

Strike through is easy. <*strike> word-to-strike <*/strike>

(Take out the asterisks.)

creative kerfuffle said...

this is cool sue!!! thanks! and welcome to my crazy world.
hhmph--blogger doesn't like it when you try to strike through in the comment section dammit.