Monday, March 31, 2008

spring break day 3

quick random thoughts cos the dudes are on their way here to install the new patio doors and the computer is in proximity of them so i might be unable to post at will today.

yesterday, despite the frigid temps (40s) and drizzle the hubs took out an annoying bush and a dead dogwood and planted most of the flowers we got friday. we also did the grocery shopping, made cupcakes and cleaned the house.

today the doors are being put in and each kid had a friend coming over to play for the better part of the day.

observations---why do people put pine needles under trees/shrubs/etc. is this a southern thing? i mean think about it. pine needles, something naturally shed by pine trees, are gathered up, bundled and then sold so people can then redistribute them under trees, bushes etc. where they would never be naturally found. very strange.

bed making---did you grow up making your bed as soon as you got up (or at least daily)? neither the hubs nor i did. rarely are beds in our house made. is that weird?

we were talking about the back yard this morning and the hubs said that when we're grandparents he hopes our kids want to play in our yard. we'd get a swing set for them (we just took ours down about a year ago when the kids outgrew it). he said i will be so happy to have grandkids and it's true. perhaps that too is unnatural, i mean for me, with kids of 11 and 8 to already be looking forward to having grandkids? i love babies what can i say? i think perhaps i have a more active baby love button than most. and i just had this epiphany, i think part (but certainly not all) of the reason i can't wait for grandkids is to show my mother what a good grandmother looks like and to prove to her that not only am i a better mother than she but also a better grandmother. yes i am evil and going to hell; this i know.

speaking of grandkids. my mom asked if all the grandkids could spend the night this weekend. mmm, we talked to the kids and frankly neither of them want to go. do i make up an excuse? do i tell her they don't want to? on one hand i prefer this honesty and secretly want her to know they don't want to but i don't want it to be something for her to hold against them. i don't think she'd use it against them but i don't know that i want to expose them in any way to any sort of negativity that would come from their not wanting to go over there. what to do?

ok, so later today i'm going to try to post pictures, just random stuff i've been meaning to post but haven't had a chance to.

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