Monday, March 10, 2008

the fall out

so we had our post conference wrap up meeting. i am still alive and not in tears, so that's two good things. i also realized before walking in there that had jesus himself joined us and walked on water and fed us all with a loaf of bread and a fish the queen of evil would have had something negative to say about it.

she and the big boss said the content wasn't as good as last year (hello--i had about half the time to put it together this year compared to last year and hello, last year we paid speakers and this year we didn't). the qofe then went on to say how we should have changed the format. i just nodded yes because i had said this at least once or twice before hand and was shot down, by her, because they know how to plan conferences and this is how it's done. basically i could have said the grass was green and she would say no it's blue. five minutes later she would say it's green, like she fucking created it and why was i so stupid that i didn't see it was green?

though i'm venting here i'm really not upset about it. she is a cunt, yes, i said it, she's an evil cunt and there's nothing that i will ever do to make her happy. the hubs made a comment this weekend that freaked me out cos he said i strive for her approval much like i always have with my dad. god there are about 20 shrink sessions wrapped up in that shit i can tell you now.

let's think other happy thoughts though. the hubs and i are really, really addicted to lost. he tries to act like it's all me, but it's not.

if you don't watch lost go now and buy the first season on dvd. i swear, if you like drama, you will love it. the hubs is hot for sun, the korean woman on the show. i like sayid and sawyer as far as hotties go. I tried to upload images of both for you but apparently they're too hot for blogger and melted the server ; ) aside from being eye candy, their characters are interesting. sawyer, god love his hoarding soul, manages to be the only one on the damn island to think about saving the books and is reading all the time. hello! plus he's all southern and has his vulnerabilities and has this tough guy exterior and acts like he doesn't give a fuck (hmmm, sounds sooooo familiar)--frankly the hubs does have better shoulders than sawyer though. as for sayid, he's all mr. i can fix build anything techno communications guy. he's strong and can be brutal but also has a sensitive side and secrets. i thought i'd be all about jack (charlie from party of five) but not so much. i like his character and i love kate and charlie characters too.

my other obsession, ok, one of the others cos it's pretty obvious i have a highly addictive nature, is john and kate plus 8. the boy is now also hooked on this show and EMAILED them this weekend. dear lord. he didn't mention he's an 8 year old boy so i'm sure they're reading that email like WFT???

in other news--the girl is on the outs with the boy i thought would turn into the boyfriend. dumb ass told her (she's 11 remember?) that she has small boobs. fucker. i think the hubs about had a coronary when i told him (the girl whispered this to me and didn't want the boy/hubs to know). there was some threat about burying him in the yard next to chloe (our beagle).


broad minded said...

glad that you survived the wrap up with your humor and self-esteem mostly intact.

does this mean we can go to lunch soon????

creative kerfuffle said...

Broad, that is the glass is half full way to look at it. The glass is half empty way is that they've just robbed my soul so often that i can't help but sit in my corner and laugh hysterically ; )
and yes, possibly later this week (meaning not today) i can do a girl's lunch. sweet t also has been mentioning this.