Wednesday, March 12, 2008

this was my night

10 pm--i actually went to bed early; the girl (who'd gone to bed at 9 was still awake so she came to bed with me since the hubs is out of town).

10:30 or 11--i finally get to sleep because the girl has been talking a lot. she said she likes this mom and her time. i really tried to cherish it but was having trouble staying awake.

1am--the dogs bark. my heart races and i panic. i listen for the intruder i'm sure is breaking in. no noise. i realize the phone in our room doesn't work and we need to get one in there that does in case we need to call 911 at 1 am. though i totally despise guns i'm thinking i should have the hubs at least show me how to load and hold a gun. but, if you walk out and catch the intruder and you're holding a gun won't they just shoot you on the spot (especially if their coked up?).

i doze off.

1:30 am--my eyes fly open. did the girl lock my car (with the garage door opener in it?) when she went out to get something or another before starting her homework?

then i began formulating a plan just in case someone DID break in when the hubs was gone. the boy's room is the first one in the hallway and this freaks me out if i think about it too much. he would have to come to my room and i'd put them both out of the window and tell them to go next door to the cop's house and stay there. i'd have to be explicit w/ the girl about leaving her cat and not worrying about it. i'd want them out of the house as quick as possible.

after that i didn't give it much thought and drifted back to sleep.

5:30 am--the dogs barked again. then i had the sensation that the hubs had just gotten out of the shower; i could smell the soap on him and then his cologne. then the dogs came in the room. i let them out. i peed. i let them back in. i should have stayed up right? nope, back to sleep cos the first alarm is set for 6:30.

6:30 am---dogs want out again. i let them out and though i lamely said it was time to get up as i walked by the boy's room and crawled back into bed with the girl, i knew we weren't getting up.

6:45 am--the second alarm goes off. (granted, my clock is set 20 minutes ahead of real time. i know, i'm incredibly weird). i relish in the fact that i can TECHNICALLY sleep another 20 minutes and still be ok.

7:30 am real time--the snooze didn't go off and i look at the clock and panic. we have to get up. we have to leave the house in 30 minutes. i will shower after i take them to school.

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