Monday, March 3, 2008

the haunting

i'm in savannah attending a mini-conference before my conference starts on tuesday. we flew in today and the itinerary was basically a reception and dinner this evening.
after dinner while everyone was milling around one of the family's from a store i visited earlier this year invited us on a ghost tour of savannah. i had momentarily gotten my second wind for the day and thought that would be interesting. i haven't been to savannah since we lived here when i was in second grade. i don't remember anything specific about the city, locale, except for the ubiquitous creepy (to a second grader) moss and the heat, huge bugs and pecan trees everywhere. well, it's march so there weren't any bugs and it wasn't hot, but the moss is still here.
i assumed this was a bus tour. ah, no. a walking tour at night in downtown savannah. i'm sure more details will come out about this but i wanted to jot some stuff now even though i'm exhausted.
i am pretty open minded when it comes to ghosts, paranormal stuff, etc. i don't totally discount it, but i don't claim to understand all or any of it. the tour was interesting, though it was a walking tour and i was tired and it was late. i took some pictures that i hope came out but damn i'm too tired to look.
we didn't go in any of these places but the guide gave us a lot of history, that is if it was all true.
did you read the book, the midnight garden of good and evil? i did, a few years ago, can't remember it all that well right now, but we saw the house in that book, the mercer house. we saw a church and a hospital that later became a mental hospital, stood in a park that was once part of a cemetery and saw a few other houses. i didn't feel anything out of the way, admired the architecture of these grand old buildings. savannah, even at night, is a fascinating city. anyway, the last place we visited freaked me out. we walked up to this house, it was abandoned, but still you could tell in it's day it was beautiful. the tour guide told us, before we walked to it that though it had been a private residence dating from the 1800s one of it's last occupants was a satanic church. you could say it was the power of suggestion or whatever, but i couldn't even get near the house. one of the other girls on the tour and i had to step across the street. the guide started off by telling how a couple had "punished" their 10 year old daughter by tying her up to a chair and sitting her in the window, i couldn't hear any more. there were other tales that i caught bits and pieces of as we talked, trying to drown out what the guide was saying. i'm not psychic nor do i possess any special talents, but that house felt evil. i cried a bit at seeing it. it felt bad. i wasn't scared, like something was going to harm me, it was just the most uneasy, indescribable feeling. i felt almost sick.

oh, and on the plane ride here? i literally almost hurled. the man sitting next to me picked his face and his nose THE ENTIRE time. i'm talking digging in his nose worse than my 8 year old boy. he flicked it on his shirt. i think i threw up a little in my mouth about three times. hard to concentrate on suduko with that foulness going on.

i'm going to sleep now.


Anonymous said...

miss you already ... it's been 5 days and 5 more to go!!! Call me when you can! Hoep all is going well.

Trish said...

What is up with booger pickers? When I was in Boston, I saw a man at the airport that dug for gold and then ATE it. Granted, he was not of the western cultural world, but still?!
I'm kind of creeped by the ghost tour...

creative kerfuffle said...

D&M--omg i'm so ready to come home. tomorrow will be my worst day so don't be surprised if i call you in the afternoon freaking out : )
Big T--I don't know what's up w/ the booger picker but the dude from the airplane is at the same hotel! not at our event but another one here and i just keep walking around not wanting to touch anything. ewwww.