Tuesday, March 11, 2008

i have a teenage boy's sense of humor, and i'm not giving it back

today my friend guinea pig said (via email) that i was a child. despite my 39 years i am still easily amused.

words like hump day, wood, coming, (you get my drift) are processed differently in my brain than in other people's brains. the words are read or heard and filter into my brain and then the dirty mind switch is flipped and it's all over from there.

i can't help it. it might be genetics. my brother also has this sense of humor. it might be environment. my husband has this sense of humor.

i know it is uncouth and base and "uncultured" but i can't help it.

for example:
my brother is thinking of a name for his computer company. we just talked on the phone. he said friendly techs.
i thought he said friendly tits or friendly dicks and laughed out loud.

it is not, as some people assume, that i'm thinking about sex all the time. i don't, trust me, ask the hubs. but this suggestive humor tickles my funny bone. (i said bone! LOL)

ok, i'll get back to work now.


broad minded said...

i would never think of you as uncouth! and i am not trying to be sarcastic either.

Anonymous said...

You are not alone. I have worked around, and hung (!) out around men (and SOME women) long enough that I, too, have that "dirty word" filter. It's not always on, but it is in certain company. Some words (dongle) just make me giggle, and I am careful not to use others (salty) around certain people. Habit, or conditioning, call it what you will, it's there. It's worse when I haven't had enough sleep, it's Friday, or I'm drinking. Or all three, which may happen this weekend.

Sweet T

creative kerfuffle said...

broad, i know that despite my juvenile humor, you still love me more than your luggage.
sweet t--i think that could have been it today too. being tired/punchy makes me worse
and hello--you're partying this weekend???! hell yeah, you go girl.