Wednesday, March 26, 2008

product loyalty

as you may know i don't have ads on my blog so this post isn't my way of drumming up business for any company, i'm just curious.

do you have certain products or brands you are loyal to?

in general we don't have a lot of product loyalty at my house. here are a few things we are sticklers for though:

miracle whip--the hub's passion, not mine

costco's cleaning wipes--i love cleaning wipes and i've found that theirs are the biggest and most durable. i have been known to spot mop my floor w/ them--wipes, under slippers, move around, done. oh, and btw, you aren't supposed to flush these. i learned this the first year we moved into the house (that has a septic tank). yeah, they don't break down very well and tend to clog up pipes.

cottonelle toilet paper (why do they call it bath tissue? really, like we don't all know what it's for?) seriously though, we don't buy the cheapest toilet paper. ever.

aussie's leave in mousse conditioner--i have curly hair (which has not always been the case--it stayed that way after i had the kids) and have found this works well and doesn't leave my hair feeling crunchy.

bath & bodyworks--frankly any product in that place is my favorite

i am looking for recommendations or experiences with these products--a good mascara (preferably one that does not cost an ass load of money); an anti-aging/moisturizing cream (also, not expensive) and a good mop.

i am trying the swiffer wet jet and so far liking it. it is way better than the mop and bucket system i was using. i think i like it, but am reserving my judgement. the thing is expensive, i mean it's just a mop for god's sake. it takes batteries. but oh, it actually looks like i've mopped when i'm done; and it smells good.

for the anti-aging/wrinkle hider/moisturizer i'm not anal about it. i happened to have some eucerin anti aging cream around (i thought i'd bought eucerin plain cream when the boy was have eczema issues) and have been using it for about a year. it's almost gone so i just bought some ponds wrinkle cream (cos it was on closeout at our grocery store). i've never had a skin regimen. i don't wear a ton of makeup to begin with (never wear foundation) and i don't always wash my face at night. when i do i use noxema. i'm not one of the botox seeking types but if i can put a cream on my face that keeps it from being dry and staves off wrinkles for awhile i'm all for it.

so, any suggestions? products you love and can't live without?


Anonymous said...

I have been trying to buy paper products that are recycled or don't using chlorine. No favorites yet. I do like the cottonelle tp, though, even if I don't buy it anymore.

LOVE Burt's Bees beeswax lip balm. Peppermint, not honey flavored. I'm going to try their sunblock this year, too.

I am also on a search for good, natural/eco-friendly moisturizer/night cream/firming stuff. Right now I'm using the Oil of Olay moisturizer my neighbor gave me. Hand-me-downs work, too. And they're free.

Sweet T

broad minded said...

oh dear. first all the mags recommend maybelline great lash (in the pink tube) it is cheap and supposedly the best. i use makeup from the body shop usually b/c i have just always been a fan of their stuff - female started the company, into far trade, no animal testing, etc. - but if you go for their mascara don't get the waterproof, i got it for some reason last time and i don't like it - not enough lash lengthening and hard to get off even with makeup remover.

you really need to take better care of your skin. washing it before you go to bed is a must. if you did nothing but that and moisturize everyday i would be happy. again, i usually use body shop moisturizer and they recently discontinued my fave. i have also used the bert's bees with royal jelly and it is nice but the container is glass and i am bad about dropping things in the bathroom. i also have used the eucurin (sp?) with sunscreen lately and like it. not expensive, doesn't take much and plus you have GOTTA have sunscreen.

sorry this is so long.

creative kerfuffle said...

sweet t--way to go eco-girl : ) i applaud you. is cottonelle bad for the environment? i too am partial to burt's bees lip balm and the cuticle cream; not so much the shampoo though.
broad--i know i need to wash my face at night but often forget or am too lazy. is great lash the one w/ pink tube and green lid? i don't like that one so much.

broad minded said...

yes it is the pink with green. i have never used it myself, i just know the mags rave about it. oh well.