Tuesday, March 4, 2008


i'm still here. have you missed me? sorry, the first full day of my part of this gig is tomorrow and frankly i've been freaking out a little (a lot) about it and not really feeling great and am brain dead.

sunday was fine, ghost tour and all. monday was so so. we did take a trolley tour of savannah in the afternoon, saw some of the sites from the night tour in broad daylight. the one house still creeped me out. we also say juliet lowe (founder of girl scout's) house. i think i saw that when i was in second grade and we lived here.

savannah is an interesting town. they have the second largest st. patrick's day celebration outside of nyc. the homes in the historic downtown area are gorgeous. our hotel is on an island so we've taken the ferry across the river to downtown, that's kinda cool.

the queen of evil got in yesterday. i saw her for the first time today. to be honest after the meeting that we had several months ago when i thought i was going to lose my job she hasn't said much to me at all. she hasn't said much to me here either. she just gives me those disapproving looks. maybe it's me, maybe i'm paranoid but i don't get good vibes from her or the big big boss.

i'm brain dead, my stomach is in knots (same as last night). i had intentions of running through my notes and getting my "game face" on last night, hence my not going on the ghost tour pub crawl with some of the attendees. i was in my room by 8:30 last night and asleep by 9. i woke briefly then back to bed.

after tomorrow i will, hopefully, be more cheerful/peppy and bloggtastic but right now i'm heading to bed. plus i'm a little tired of my pub. i know some of you (big t) are friends w/ her and in general she's ok, but my god i think that woman is afraid of silence. she can talk more about herself and her life than any person i know. i know we all vent and when we do we monopolize the conversation, but damn, with her it's all the time talking. honestly on the ride from the airport to the hotel (20-30 mins) i think i got in uh huhs, mmmm, yeah i knows and some reallys but that was about it. then when she does let you talk it's like she's not really listening to you, just waiting for a pause in your breath to talk. i also don't completely trust her. i think she's someone that would throw me under the bus.


Trish said...

i know what you mean!
best of luck to you today! you'll do great - you always do.

broad minded said...

good luck! you will be fine and soon it will all be over.

This too shall pass.

and we love you even when you aren't blogtastic!

Anonymous said...

I love you and miss you and thinking of you today!

Anonymous said...

Yes, missed you! Don't you worry about those bosses and have fun with it... surely you'll do great!
oh yeah, and try to stay away from the creepy house and buger-pickers if possible... eeewwww

creative kerfuffle said...

thanks for all of the support guys.