Monday, March 31, 2008

holy organizational skills batman

it's 3:55 p.m. the doors are finally installed. there is a huge kerfuffle over the doors. this will be a later post but suffice it to say home depot has screwed us anally without lube. we were told we had to get custom doors (read, MORE EXPENSIVE) and the fuckers did not custom make this door. anyway, as i said, that's another post.

so the day, aside from that, has gone well. the girl and her friend (this is the one that lost her 17 yr old brother in feb.) and the boy and his friend have done fabulously. of course they've each done their own thing, but it was really much easier than i thought.

and what did i do while the kids were playing (mostly in the house cos it's been drizzling off and on all day) and the hubs was taking work calls and installing an outdoor light and conversing with the door guy and the door guy was ripping a big gaping hole in my den (did i mention it was freaking cold out today?) and making lots of noise? i was soooooooo productive it really scared me.

i aim to post pictures of my fantabulousness but not right now. i cleaned out ever single drawer in my kitchen for starters. i am talking three jam packed full junk drawers and three kitchen-related drawers. who the hell needs four sets of measuring cups (and those don't include the two in the cabinet)? apparently we do. we must also drink a lot of wine (not) cos we have two bottle openers. we have enough bamboo skewers to have shishkabobs (which we never make) for the next 30 years for 400 people.

i also organized my cabinets (pots and pans can now easily be found as can bowls and lids, etc.) i cleaned out the drawers in the china (which holds NO china cos i don't have any) cabinet. there was a drawer full of craft foam pieces, used. a broken plate in another. i did finally find the last new cassette for the video camera. i found chargers for phones that have been long gone. i found chargers for things i don't even know. i'm afraid to toss them tough because as soon as i do i'll need them.

i also cleaned out this huge blue pottery bowl that sits on the counter and is a black hole of stuff. the hubs hates this bowl. i put everything in it. scout badges that need sewn on? check (though neither kid is in scouts now). what's this? another charger for something? check. two of the hubs' watches that need batteries? check. pocket knife, gameboy game, three rolls of film (ha--that's nothing i have a bag full of film in the computer desk), three rolls of new flypaper (why? why here?) some tools, a camera, cards, expired coupons, etc.

whew. i feel good. i've been meaning to tackle that stuff forever.

oh--and i did a load of laundry and called to clear up an insurance issue. fucking insurance sucks. why oh why if the doctor's office sends a bill and the insurance company doesn't respond, why is that my job to be the go between? and why, after, ohidon'tknow, 10 years of using united healthcare did they all of a sudden hold things up to ask if they were our primary insurance??? just pay the damn claim asswipe!!!

and tonight? the hubs is taking our kids to see horton hears a who and i'm going to a movie with girlfriends. holy shit! yes, i said i'm going to a movie with girlfriends. ok, i think i've done this once in the last (at least) 8 years. when i think about all the friends i have i have been to the movies with big t and spanx and i really think that's it. once. is that weird? sweet t and i really wanted to go see sweeny todd but it was bad timing (too much traveling for me at the time) and scout stuff was going on and it was a scheduling nightmare.

(holy cow batman--i have four kids sitting behind me in the den watching spongebob. no talking, no arguing. surely they're mentally planning something.)


Kristin.... said...

jealous, jealous, yes, I am jealous. I don't remember when I last went to the movies. And with girlfriends? HA! I do get together every so often with girlfriends to scrapbook, but it's not very often lately.
hope you had fun!

Trish said...

Please come organize my closets!

creative kerfuffle said...

getting out w/ girlfriends isn't something i do much either K. we did have fun, despite the movie.

trish--yeah right! your house is wayyyyyy cleaner than mine! i really don't know what came over me and the drawers. i even took before/after pictures that i'll post tomorrow. have posted way too much tonight already! LOL