Wednesday, March 19, 2008

we've got the power

though some of you may disagree with me, woman wield the power in the world. why? because we have vaginas.

before you start ranting or screaming something feminist or politically correct at me, hear me out.

we are the bosses of our vaginas and we say if, when, where and how we are having sex. men can try to influence our decisions on this with romance, foreplay, etc. but ultimately we say yes or no.

we also are the ones to decide if something is inappropriate or not. (see previous post).

we have the power of reproduction; not just giving birth but the decision to have one or not. yes, hopefully couples discuss this and come to a mutual decision, but think about it, once we get that egg fertilized it's all about us. we have the choices and though they can voice their opinions and try to persuade, it's our decision.

the ousted ny gov was brought down by a vagina. well, actually many vaginas. i am not excusing anything he did, but we don't know the back story there. perhaps his wife, for whatever reason, decided she was no longer going to have sex with him. perhaps this went on for years. i'm certainly not saying cheating is the way to go, but in that case it's understandable, sort of.

i know of a couple that hasn't had sex for 5-6 years now because the woman decided she's still pissed about something that happened nearly 40 years ago. before five years ago she had sex with her husband. there are myriad other issues surrounding that relationship, and both parties have done wrong. i'm not saying you should have sex if you don't want to, dutiful sex isn't good for anyone in the long run, but in this particular situation she's being passive/aggressive. she's wielding her power unfairly. in this situation, no, i wouldn't fault the man for finding release elsewhere.

no, we aren't governed by our sexual desires/needs, but they also aren't to be ignored.

i'll admit there were times i wielded my power without thought to how it made the hubs feel and how it impacted him. i was selfish. things do change once you get married and have kids but that shouldn't mean you still don't or can't have certain expectations from your partner. it's a two way street.

lord, i have no idea where i'm going with this post other than to say to my fellow keepers of the power--realize how much power you wield and be fair with it.

i think it's probably safe to say that (in general) men feel like once they get married their wives aren't as adventurous and "fun" as they were before getting married. on the other hand, women might say that men aren't as sensual and romantic after getting married as they were when they were dating.

is this human nature? the thrill of the chase brings out the romantic, adventurous sides of us and then once we've chosen our mates we settle down? or is it because we become complacent?

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