Tuesday, March 25, 2008

my sphere of reference

despite the fact that i really am on a killer deadline at work and really am working my ass off i must post again today.

earlier this morning a few of my co-workers and i had one of those round-robin emails going on. i will point out that i am the oldest of the five of us that were emailing by probably six years. it started when one of the young ones sent an email of some actor w/out his shirt on and said that's what she wanted for her birthday. though i noted that he had a totally hot V (i don't know what it's really called but when the guy is cut and there's that little dip in his hips that seemingly directs you to all points south--that's a great body part to me) i said he was too scrawny.

the conversation then rambled to what movie he's going to be in and the four of them were talking pop culture things i just didn't understand. tmz this and STC (sex and the city) that etc. i've admitted this before, i don't know pop culture. i don't normally read people or celeb stuff. it's just not my thing. they joked that they needed to have a crash course in pop culture for me.

then, being the swavy and deboner (suave and debonair) wit that i am i said my coolness meter should be raised cos i own a justin (hotty) timberlake cd, know that he dated cameron diaz and hosted the kca's. then i further explained that jack black was born on my birthday (not the same year) and that he's this year's host for the kca's. i knew they would not know what kca's are ; )

admittedly i was feeling a bit down, unhip, out of touch, when we left for lunch. three of the four friends were my lunch buddies. then i struck gold. one of my friend's husbands brought their little boy (who'll be 3 in august) to visit with us at lunch.

i totally had a blast. i know the important things in life---i know who swiper is and that blue lives with joe or steve depending on if it's a rerun or not. i know clifford and max and ruby and curious george. i know and am not ashamed to make all of the animal noises, even in public. i know that peeing in the potty is a big deal. i felt vindicated : )


broad minded said...

you are cool no matter what you know, but happy to help vindicate you nonetheless!

creative kerfuffle said...

awwww broad, thank you. really, i wasn't soooo bummed about being out of the pop loop; it happens a lot, especially when i'm around sunshine : )

Kristin.... said...

Kids culture is much more fun. And I love reruns of Blues Clues~Steve rocks. :)

creative kerfuffle said...

steve was way better than joe imho.