Sunday, March 9, 2008

spring forward

i totally forgot that we spring forward an hour today. wow, i guess spring is actually on its way huh?

still not up to my blogtasticness, just having an overall feeling of bleh i think. i think a big part of it is the hopelessness i feel about the job. i feel trapped.

this has been a productive weekend. we're almost finished with the first season of lost : ) yes donut, we're hooked like junkies. i've already been authorized to purchase the second season on dvd : ) whoohooo.

while i was gone the hubs took out the non-working garbage disposal so now the kitchen sink doesn't back up anymore. this required some repiping work that i don't understand but the results are that things work and i don't have to dig nasty shit out of the kitchen drain anymore. this weekend he fixed the drip in our bathtub and he's finishing up fixing that hole in the girl's ceiling, remember? i must admit, he does often impress me with his ability to fix a variety of things.

yesterday we bought the kids new mattresses, we're waiting for them to be delivered now. i've had a thing about their mattresses for some time. not really the girl's so much but certainly the boy's. neither of them have ever had new mattresses. the girl had a new mattress in her crib of course, that the boy then used. after that it was hand-me-down mattresses of all sorts. if i think about it too much it really grosses me out. the boy's mattress was ancient. springs poking out, holes in it, etc. plus it was uncomfortable as hell. of course they have no comprehension about money. when we walked into the store both headed to the high end, ultra plush mattresses and then the tempurpedics. yes, my kids think they should have tempurpedic mattresses. they didn't get them. they did get nice pillow top mattresses, though they are not the top of the line. in my weirdness (or maybe not so weird) this has always been an issue in the back of my head that relates to my being a good parent. i wasn't a good parent because my kids didn't have new mattresses.

later today we're going to my parent's house for dinner--i bet the bro and sil will not be there once again : ) how do they get out of these things?

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Anonymous said...

Why does she constantly choose to invite us on the one day of the week she know we always have pre-set commitments? Then she must act as if "oh well, I asked you over and you said no" Argh.