Friday, March 28, 2008

a good friday indeed

although i was dreading today cos i really did have an ass load of work to get done (cos i'm not going to be there all fucking week!!! yeah me) it was a good day.

first i walk in to get a nice present in the mail; then i get blog tagged (a first for me); then i had lunch in the park with sweet t and sneal and sweet t gave me some cilantro; i finished my work and came home.

tonight the girl went to see a movie with a friend and the hubs and the boy and i painted the town red. it's interesting how things are so different when there's only one kid around. of course i love them both (yes, and the girl too even though she's been a pain in the ass lately) but it's nice sometimes to have one by themself.

our evening was tame by most people's standards for a friday night i'm sure. we picked out some flowers for the containers around the house; the hubs got a blue rose bush; then we went to tarjay. i didn't get anything but enjoy being in there anyway. the boy got a few star wars things. (he got these because we just ordered the girl a pre-paid cell phone for her upcoming trip). then we got take out chinese and came home. whoohoo.

oh, AND to top that all off---our third season of lost came in the mail today. i cannot wait for the kids to get in bed and for us to sit down and find out if locke and mr. ecko are dead and what the others are doing with sawyer, jack and kate and if sayid, sun and jin are going to rescue them.

tomorrow is the SIL's baby shower--i'm so excited to see what she gets! we're less than a month away from seeing puddin'!!!!

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