Monday, March 17, 2008


hey, how was your weekend?

ours was good, productive, but i was/am sick. it started friday night. you know you're an old married couple with kids when your friday night consists of grocery shopping : ) it was there, amid the aisles that the bug hit me. i felt clammy, achy and yuck. the hubs also installed our new fireplace cover thingy. poor boy has been saving his change since the beginning of last year for that thing : ) thank god the black and gold is gone. ya'll know how i feel hate about gold.

saturday the hubs let me sleep until about 1 p.m. we then went to the home super-center place and ordered our patio doors and got the faucet that the plumber will replace today. then we went to my folk's house for my dad's birthday. i hope when i'm 60 years old that the extent of my gifts are not blockbuster/target cards because people don't know what the hell else to get me. the hubs said we should get him some jim beam but ya know, i just can't go there. oddly enough he (my dad) is so like my grandma. there is absolutely nothing to get him or her. they don't do anything, they don't collect anything, etc.

sunday i again slept in late and the hubs had most of the house cleaned when i got up. like dusting and vacuuming clean. i love it but at the same time felt terribly guilty for not being up and helping. but really, i was still feeling puny. after running a few errands we came home and cleaned our room/bathroom, the hubs made his yummy meatloaf and we watched lost. you know i felt bad friday and saturday cos we didn't watch lost.

switching gears

being at my parents' house made me think about playing favorites. as a parent i don't have a favorite. ok, that's a lie. but the thing is my favorite changes. sometimes the boy is my favorite. sometimes the girl is. i could never choose between the two of them. i assume all parents feel this way, however, how many of you thought you were your mom or dad's favorite growing up?

i always thought i was my dad's favorite and my brother was my mom's favorite. my sister was SOL at that point but i think as adults my sister is my mom's favorite; or at least the one that is most like her.

i think the hubs was his mom's favorite.

so--as parents how do we raise our kids to not think they're the favorite? i don't want one of my kids thinking i prefer the other. i'm sure my parents didn't want that either, but i grew up thinking that. is that just the way things are? regardless of what we do as parents will the kids always think so and so is the favorite???

one more thing---i think i've finally found a mop i love. the swiffer wet jet. holy crap it does a good job. ok, so far. i've used it once on our bathroom and the kitchen. but it beats the hell out of the other mop that really left pet hair and lint all over the damn place and you couldn't tell i'd just mopped. what mops have worked for you?

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