Tuesday, March 11, 2008

magic shell, eye candy and a leaky aura

i'm sure magic shell is probably the worst, most chemically engineered type of chocolate goo on the planet, even if it is made by that wholesome smucker's company, but omg it is so incredibly yumtastically good.

speaking of yumtastically good things, i finally got these pictures to upload. i have been without lost for two days now as the hubs is out of town. the pristine, still shrink wrapped season two is waiting patiently for his return. i have even been incredibly good about not googling the hell out of lost and reading everything i could possibly read about it. i don't want to ruin it for us. i don't want to know (but at the same time it's killing me not to) what's going to happen. i stumbled on to a blog this evening and the second post started talking about lost so i honestly, cross my heart, did not read it and did not bookmark the site. for that a reward is due so here are pictures.

sawyer. even in the fucked up glasses that sayid pieced together for him, he's hot. he's reading for god's sake. he's smart, even if a con man. i do have to admit, i'm a bit put off by his shoulders though. though he's honed, his shoulders are not broad like i like em.

and here is sayid. granted in real life i probably couldn't deal with the hair but the character he plays is awesome. and in real life? he's married or in a long term relationship with barbara hershey? remember her? from beaches? wow. who knew? his accent in real life is nothing like his accent on the show (much like hugh laurie). plus in this shot that shirt has got to go, that is so 1970s.

i'm going to be early tonight because i'm still not on track with the time. ok, you want to know a secret? this is so retarded i can't even believe i'm voicing it but here is my theory. so last week, last monday night i think it was, i went on that walking ghost tour in savannah. the next night (tuesday--and today is tuesday) i came back to my room and was just in a hazy fog. incredibly tired. like narcoleptically tired. i called home and talked to the hubs and kids and 10 minutes later, around 8:30 or so, i crashed. lights on, clothes on, etc. fell dead asleep.

today i have been in a similar fog. i came home and after dinner (the boy decided he didn't want to go to scouts) i crashed for 30 minutes. i woke up, paid some attention to the kids, they went to bed and now i'm back to, uh, hello, must close eyes.

so my theory is something from that last evil house we saw on the tour has leaked onto me and is nipping at the edges of my aura.

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