Sunday, March 23, 2008

i feel pretty and witty and wise

ok, not really but that lyric popped in my head and i am feeling better than the wagon post.

here are some random things over the last few days that give me reason to smile. they are in no particular order.

1. my kids played outside more than they were inside today AND they played together without fighting. before you ask how the hell that happened don't because i have no earthly clue. they were outside. they were jumping on the trampoline. they weren't fighting. that's enough for me!

2. i reunited with my yard today. it's silly i know but today was the first time we had the time and the weather to actually do anything in the yard. i mowed. is there anything sweeter than the smell of mown grass? i pruned dead stuff. i said hello to the little buds that are emerging. my peonies, though far from anywhere near coming up, are just starting to poke through the ground.

3. we watched the sound of music night before last. i love the hell out of that movie and omg my kids do too. well, at least i think they do. they sing along to most of the songs w/ me. the boy watched it twice saturday by himself. we are so very impressed because get this--the guy who plays rolf (the nazi telegram boy) is actually the grandfather of one of the boy's classmates! how unbelievable is that?? he's coming to school to visit soon.

4. we hung out with my bro/sil/nephew/puddin yesterday. the nephew has moved into his "big boy" silver and red spiderman room to make way for his little sister (who's coming in april). i got to see the baby's room for the first time, soooo sweet. and the baby clothes, omg. ok, just for a sec i really really wanted another. i will console myself though with the fact that come april i'll have a baby to hold and in june i'll have another when donut has munchkin. i bought them matching outfits already : ) lol

5. burning leaves. the hubs finally got to burn leaves today. we've been under a burn ban since the fall and the leaves were all over the place. we still have some yard work to do but it looks loads better already.

6. ummm, catching up on big Os. yeah, when i'm in that bitchy, alter-ego, pissy mood i'd been in most of the week we missed out on Os. i think it released a lot of pent up endorphins or something.

7. ham. i love ham. i like making it (hello, can we say easy? pop it in the oven, maybe drizzle some sugary something over the top and done) and it's smells so good and tastes so good and everyone in the family likes it.

8. lindt's lindor truffle chocolate and peanut butter m&ms; the yummy goodness candy the easter bunny brought me.

9. watching peter cottontail (bass & rankin) this morning with the kids.

10. fantasizing about all the things we want to do with the yard. we try to do a little something each year, whether it's plant something new, put in a flower bed, etc. i've given up hope on the flower bed the hubs planted in the backyard last year. it was so perfect, in theory. we put it in the right front corner of the back yard with creeping flox, a rose tree and my bird girl of savannah statue. ah, so idyllic. uh, that is until the houdini dog and leah decided if they got in there they could get a better look at the neighbor's yard and their bark would carry further.

what every day things make you happy?

(i'm going to have some hot tea and raid my easter basket)


Kristin.... said...

Hi! Just found your blog. I am totally jealous that you can MOW YOUR LAWN! I don't think we're going to see the ground here until July. Seriously, it's so depressing.

And yes, Lindt's lindor truffles are the best.

Come visit!

broad minded said...

i can't believe i missed the harrison ford poll! indiana and star wars . . .that is a tough call.

creative kerfuffle said...

kristin--welcome to the fold. though i can mow, YOU live in the same state as my author/hero the great and wonderful stephen king!
broad--sorry about the harrison poll. i'll have to think of another. the boy inspired that one cos he couldn't believe han solo played in other movies! Wow, and he's still alive? who knew?

broad minded said...

yes that is a shocking bit of info isn't it. DAMN i am old.