Wednesday, March 26, 2008

on blogging

i'm at that point of the work process where i've done my part and am waiting on other people to do their's so i can resume mine (translation, i'm waiting for pages to proof). i should be working on a presentation also but my brain is pretty fried.

i was reading a blog, playing follow that link (do you do that? read a blog and then look at the links they have on the side or the comments and just end up following a bunch of links?) and read a post about blogging and it had these questions i thought i'd start with.

1. if you are an anonymous blogger would you stop blogging if discovered? mmm, probably, depending on how and who discovered me. many of my real time friends read so i'm not anon to them. before i even told people about my blog it was anon cos i wanted to be able to write without restrictions. i couldn't and wouldn't write about many of the things i do if i actually tied my identity to this.

2. many blogs have regulars. what do you think when they drop off? i will add the flip side of this and what do you think when the blogs you regularly read stop posting. i am curious when regulars stop reading/commenting. was it something i wrote? did i bore them? and for some (the people i don't actually know) i wonder if they're ok. when people stop posting to their blogs i also wonder wtf is up and if something bad happened, though in the big scheme of things it's not my business.

3. do you ever wonder how long you'll keep blogging? nah, i don't wonder about this because i have too many things to write, even if nobody is reading.

i started blogging as a journal for me mainly. i would love to figure out how to save my blog entries because when i'm an old woman i think they will amuse me. plus, it's sort of a chronicle of my life. i used to keep a journal in high school and college and off and on i'd start one and never keep it up once the kids and life got busy. i do like the give and take of the blog though.

a few questions. when you read blogs do you look at the stuff on the columns on the side? do you look at or care about the other blogs they link to? do you like the label feature? i did this for awhile but then stopped. i don't pay attention to other people's labels and didn't know if it was a feature for the reader or more for the writer as a way to find stuff in their blogs. what about links and videos in blog posts? i rarely watch the videos but i do sometimes follow the links.

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