Monday, March 10, 2008

things i've learned reading blogs

1. i am not the only parent in the world who has had moments of wondering why the hell i had kids to begin with. i'm sure these times are not over. for you parents out there of young children or who are expecting--it's ok. there will be days, many, that you really don't like your kids. those days will pass, really, they will.

2. my husband is not the only one that says sexually suggestive things at the most inopportune moments. there are other husbands out there who tell the joke of the husband and wife who are in bed and the husband is trying to get something started. the wife says i have a gyno appointment tomorrow. the husband says, yeah, but you don't have a dental appointment (or a proctology appointment). mine is not the only one.

3. i am not the only puzzle nut in the world. there are others, like me, who do crossword puzzles but it's not about finishing them. i'm not the only one that rarely goes back to her puzzles and finishes them. i have one friend i trust enough to work crossword puzzles with; otherwise, paws off.

4. i'm not the only emotionally unstable person in the world. i've joked here quite often about thinking i'm bi-polar. i am not as extreme as my sister but i do think i have those tendencies. maybe it's just life. maybe everyone is like that and we're just searching for a label to place on it. i know that i can slip into a funk, a blue period (too bad i can't paint up a storm like picasso when i'm like this, but i digress), malaise for no real reason. it's like i'm in a fog. i'm not weepy sad but i'm not bursting with happiness. during these times i don't listen to music. i'm low. i'm non-committal, though feel like i should be committed. and then, like a rainbow after a storm (damn cheesy analogy i know) the mood blows away and life is warm and luscious again. at times like this i really do think, ok, yeah, my sister is fucked up, but, if i didn't have the hubs would i be any better than she is?

5. i have learned that i'm not the only one who finds raunchy, racy things funny. that other people enjoy using fuck, fucktastic and so many other words i wish i would have made up. and these aren't uneducated people. some are incredibly gifted writers and know just how and where to use the zinger. i lie and tell my kids not to cuss because when you do it shows your ignorance but it's more because it's not socially acceptable, especially not by kids. but really, sometimes craptastic IS the right word; sometimes fuck DOES sum it all up.

6. even the most mundane things can be interesting. i've started reading a blog written by a person who's goal is to declutter six things a day from her house. i'm fascinated and jealous.

7. though i'm not a mom of toddlers anymore, i can read those mom blogs and i get the flashbacks and can laugh at those moms and their trials.

8. i also realize that a lot of moms, stay at home moms, have A LOT of time on their hands. they blog more than i do. they shop and blog and post pictures and have flicker accounts and do crafts and raise 20 kids and guest post on other blogs. i think they must either be stepford wives or they are clones.

9. granted i rant some about the hubs and possibly divulge too much about our sex life but reading some blogs out there makes me think most women barely like their husbands let alone love them and they just have sex with them to have more babies. i'm not trying to judge but why the hell did they get married?

10. i have learned that despite his raunchy humor (which i actually love) and the fact that he can be a little OCD about some things and we have had more than our share of the i-hate-you-fights the hubs is probably one of the best husbands out there. god, this sounds like a suck up post because he reads this from time to time, but seriously, some husbands out there don't do jack shit and it blows my mind. of course i'm only reading the side of the story from the stay at home mom that has time to go shopping and blogging and yada yada yada and they bitch because the husband doesn't help (even though he does support the family). please if you're a sahm/soccer mom don't get your panties in a wad. i am sometimes jealous of you but not quite understanding the bitching.


Stimey said...

Are you calling me mundane?

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm completely mundane. But at least I'm not alone in the crossword puzzle thing. Thank you!

creative kerfuffle said...

stimey--YOU are not mundane, the task of decluttering is mundane : ) yet you've made it a compelling read. i keep looking around the house thinking, hmmm, i need to do that. but then the procrastination kicks in and i realize i'll do it tomorrow. or, you know, the next day.