Sunday, March 9, 2008

it's a neck massager

i'm a lazy unpacker. i finally actually emptied out my suitcase from my trip yesterday (got home thursday evening). my toiletries were still in their traveling bags in the bathroom and the girl wandered in there this morning as i was combing out my hair. when i looked up she had been rummaging through my bag and pulled out....this.

ok, not exactly this cos i don't have pictures of my own egg just lying around. for those of you who are uninitiated, this is a vibrating egg and it is wonderful. very...stimulating. i don't travel without it. if you're still confused let me know and that's a whole other post.

the girl whips out my egg and says what's this? i panic and tell her to quit going through my stuff, i've talked to her about this before. she says i just want to know what it is. i told her it was a neck massager. i wonder if she bought that?

dear lord what am i going to do?


Anonymous said...

She probably bought it, for now. But that won't last forever. She'll bury it in her mind somewhere and figure it out one of these days. Sorry. Tell her it helps you fall asleep. Not untrue, but not the whole story, either. :) What did the Hubs say? I'll bet he LOVED that.

Sweet T

creative kerfuffle said...

i know eventually she'll figure it out but i hope when she does it's with the thought that, ok, my mom (parents) have healthy sexual appetites and that's ok and not EWWWWW gross. LOL the hubs actually took it better than i did; this time!

Anonymous said...

Aw come on. If you were her and eventually figured it out, you know you'd think EWWW gross. She may think it's OK, but... Just imagine if it were YOUR parents. :)

Sweet T

Stimey said...

My mom had a vibrating massager. In my memory it doesn't seem like it would be particularly conducive know.

But, oh dear God, was it? Was it?!

You've completely crushed my innocence.