Monday, March 17, 2008

horton hears a who

no doubt i will be going to see this movie soon, the kids are clamouring for it.

i will go see horton,
see horton yes i will.
i love dr. seuss
love him even still.

we'll watch it in the dark
not sitting in a park.
we'll have popcorn and a drink
and perhaps it will make the kids think.

but dear lord i hope it doesn't make them think about abortion as apparently way too many people are wont to do. really? horton hears a who is now supposedly an anti-abortion movie? get for fucking real folks. i'm sure dr. seuss had no such intentions. why or why do people take a perfectly good children's movie and try to fuck it up for the rest of the world? though we haven't seen the golden compass movie yet, when it came out people were talking bad about it because the author of the book was an atheist. so? atheists can't spin a good yarn? i am so over the petty judgemental people that try to turn every stinking thing into a good versus evil battle. harry potter is not trying to turn all the little kids gay and teach them to worship the devil; the music industry isn't trying to turn kids into pimps and whores and horton isn't saying don't kill the babies.

shit folks---if you're a parent it's your job to raise your kids and not rely on extremists to influence you with what they think such and such movie/record/book means. dammit i hate stupid people.


broad minded said...

i took the spawn to see it this weekend. it was good. carol burnett rocks as the voice of the kangaroo! and charles osgood was the narrator. i love his voice.

yeah some people are just wack jobs.

Anonymous said...

I saw it this weekend, too, and I have no idea how it could be viewed as anti-abortion. I liked it a lot.

Sweet T

creative kerfuffle said...

ok, well, that's two thumbs up so i'm ignoring the whack jobs and most likely we'll be seeing horton soon.