Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy spring-renewal-he's-alive-solstice celebration

first, happy easter to my peeps! sorry, i couldn't resist. there is a whole peep culture you know. google it. there are peep fights, peep eating contests, etc. it's a peep nation. i wonder if anyone actually eats these things though. to me they are pretty nasty and i've never liked them.

which brings me to easter baskets. the girl got up around 7:30ish and then waited a little while to wake up the boy. they came and roused me shortly thereafter. easter baskets are still loot and exciting for them, though the girl does not believe in the great hopper any more. the boy clings to the myth, but i think he knows and just isn't saying.

as they were looking through their baskets and i was mainlining drinking my first cup of coffee, the boy asked the girl: "uh, why does the easter bunny leave a big chocolate BUNNY for us to eat?" she said, "well, because nobody wants to eat a big chocolate chicken." don't you love kid logic?? ; )

this year they got the usual candy--big chocolate bunny w/ lots of other chocolate stuff and then i slipped in a stuffed horton for both. the girl got a tube of mascara and a littlest pet shop tini-gift and the boy got a star wars coin holder thingy and a tini-lego thing. the hubs and i also did easter baskets for each other. we used to do this more often, before the kids came along, and then sort of fell off doing it for awhile. i gave him candy. my basket had a johnny depp movie in it, a little stuffed penguin, oil for the lawnmower (cos i love mowing and it needs changed so i can mow) and some candy.

my kids are lucky. they don't get candy they don't like in their baskets. growing up we always, always got jelly beans and peeps in our baskets. the peeps were unwrapped so they always had grass stuck to them. i don't like peeps. i don't think any of us did. jelly beans are ok if they're they good kind, but the ones that are like $1 a bag have no taste; i'm a jelly bean snob. as kids i used to trade loot w/ my brother (as my kids did this morning). i'd give him all my jelly beans and peeps and those other things that were egg shaped that were nasty (i.e. not chocolate) for his footballs. um, yeah. growing up my favorite candy was the multi colored foil footballs in my basket. i know, me, the non-sports person. did it ever occur to me they were supposed to be chocolate eggs? uh, no. i've always thought of them as footballs. bizarre, i know.

i think my parents also used to hide eggs for us to find in the morning. the hard boiled ones we'd colored because we didn't do plastic eggs back in the day. obviously now i'm like, ewwwww, hard boiled eggs left out over night? that's gross. plus, we can't really hide things like that around the house, i think the dogs would have a field day.

today my dad and grandma are coming over for dinner. my mom and sister (and her kids) made their annual pilgrimage to visit one of my aunts, leaving my dad once again. ya know what, yeah, i know he's an asshole most of the time but i still think it's shitty of my mom to leave him on holidays.

and now--here's my favorite easter cartoon of all times : )


Astarte said...

HA!!! That is the funniest bunny cartoon ever!!! Oh, I love that one! The peep thing freaked me out a little, but it's still funny, in an F/X kind of way. :)

I know - no one used to refrigerate the colored eggs, but then I don't think we ate them, either. I remember a lot of that pain in the ass grass in my baskets. I refuse to buy that stuff at all now. It gets everywhere, and then eventually the dog gets a, Easter-grass dingleberry and runs around the yard like a moron until it either falls off or I can stop laughing long enough to help him out somehow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us CK... always an interesting read :-)
The cartoon is GREAT and kudos for your props to the peeps! No, don't eat them... they are of greater entertainment value for jousting and as actors/extras in short film parodies. (Peeps: The Battle For Easter Island - on You Tube!)

Happy Easter!

creative kerfuffle said...

astarte--yes, we've had the plastic grass issues too. of course the beagle we used to have ate crayons too--nice colorful backyard : )
i did use the grass this year, but threw it away today. what a waste.
anon--glad you liked the peep shout out!

broad minded said...

you know you can freeze peeps? i saw that on the unwrapped show on the food channel this weekend. and they had this dude that does peeps art.

my granny loved them, but she liked anything she could eat without her teeth;)

creative kerfuffle said...

broad--uh, why would you want to freeze peeps? though i have been thinking you could use those instead of marshmallows for s'mores. that might be fun. they're so sophisticated now though. we just had the yellow ones when i was growing up.

Anonymous said...

Peeps s'mores would be awesome! I'm sure the kids would love to watch them melt.

Yes, I'm sick. I must be going through Famous and Sneal withdrawal, so I make up my own jokes.

Sweet T