Friday, March 21, 2008

a day off for all

i know it's good friday, but we haven't been to church in a blue moon and easter really snuck up on me this year and frankly we're just not doing anything really this weekend. (oh, except we are going to the SIL/BRO's house tomorrow and i get to see puddin's nursery for the first time and the nephew's new big boy room! i can't wait!!! plus we haven't hung out with them sans the rest of the family in forever). i had planned to take off today w/ the kids (school/daycare closed) about a month ago--before discovering that a work deadline moved from the 31st to the 26 just day before yesterday. the hubs found out this week that his office is closed today too so low and behold we're all home together.

the plumber is here fixing the leaky faucet in my bathroom. he just came to tell me that it was just a matter of time before ours shot high speed water out of the spigot and started leaking in our wall. so i guess we've avoided a worse, more ass-rapingly costly expensive crisis.

the hubs is out mowing the tundra backyard, though i really would like to be doing that. i love mowing. on a riding lawn mower. the kids are on the trampoline.

i've boiled the eggs that we'll decorate in a little while. i love dying eggs. i've read through my usual blogs, some of which are mom/family blogs and i haven't read about anyone dying eggs. do people not do this any more? we grew up dying eggs and decorating sugar cookies and carving pumpkins, all things i love doing to this day.

i was going to whine and complain that my comments have dropped off, but i know some/many of you are still reading. now that i read so many blogs, usually on a daily basis, i guess i can understand why i don't get a comment on every single post. i read a lot of posts but i don't comment on them all. that's not to say i don't enjoy them, i just don't have anything to add i guess. there are two or three that i read that get so many comments that i'm intimidated. i really like one of these blogs, the writing is incredible, the woman so honest about motherhood, but she gets like 30-60 comments all the time and it feels so impersonal to me. eh.


Anonymous said...

Miss you today, but glad you are home with the fam and taking a day off!!!! I have always loved dying eggs, too, and don't think I've missed a year doing it, though I probably will pass this year only because I haven't gotten the PAAS kit yet!

broad minded said...

still reading.

don't know when i last dyed eggs, mentioned doing it with the spawn this year and got the arched eyebrow from the husband. i guess he thinks it would be a mess. i still may try it. who knows.

speaking of easter, the spawn got a basket at daycare this morning and it had some plastic eggs in it. what, pray tell, you may ask were in the plastic eggs? mini boxes of nerds. really people? what brain surgeon thought that 2 and 3 year olds needed to be given small, bb shaped candy?

Anonymous said...

Since you're blatantly fishing for comments :), I'll add my two cents: I like dyeing eggs but never do it anymore. I got all my Easter stuff out of the attic weeks ago, and it's still all in the boxes. Oh well. I had good intentions.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sweet T

{sue} said...

We are definitely dying eggs! (And I discovered, after I broke a few of mine) that 7-11 sells them already hard-boiled. (They were probably $2/egg, but it saved me from dragging 4 kids into the grocery store.)

Nice to have a day at home (even if the plumber is there robbing you)!

creative kerfuffle said...

ok, this time i REALLY wasn't fishing for comments, cos, like, i get it now. i don't always comment on every blog/post i read.
having said that--thanks for the input!
the plumber did come and rob us, but hey, i just took a $550 shower in my own shower and didn't have to get out of the wrong end of the tub or step on barbies and little plastic men.
the kids did dye eggs--i made 15 (it's what we had) and i got to do 2. if i didn't have the dilemma of what to do w/ a million hard boiled eggs i'd get another dozen and dye them myself : ) i love doing that. i should have stuck w/ paas though, we got dudley this year and it's just not the same.

creative kerfuffle said...

oh, and broad--dye the eggs w/ the spawn, he might like it. and really, the mess doesn't have to be monumental.
i've never liked the plastic eggs (don't know why they gave toddlers chokable candy--idiots<---said in my best ren & stimpy voice) cos then you have to find something small enough to fill them w/.
we just got our million plastic eggs out of the attic and they still had crap in them from last year. i think the kids might have eaten some before i caught on and told them to throw it out.