Saturday, March 29, 2008

day 1 of our spring break

oh my god (said in my best excited valley girl voice) i'm, like so excited because for most of the next 10 days neither the hubs nor i will be working for THE MAN. ok, ok, he'll still have his blasted cell phone strapped to him and will no doubt get phone calls all week (sadly it's such the norm at this point it rarely registers w/ me anymore) and i do have to go in friday for a meeting but rest assured i will be in and out of there faster than a 16 year old boy getting laid for the first time.

10 days of mostly sleeping in late (oh, sweet bliss. one of my favorite feelings in the world is groggily half waking up, peeking at the alarm and realizing you either have an hour left until it goes off or the fucking thing wasn't even set cos you don't have to get up!).

ok, ok, we aren't just sleeping and celebrating that we aren't working folks! it is the KIDS spring break right???? ok, so our goal is to compromise (see that parenting teaching by example thing we're trying out?) and do stuff that everyone enjoys next week. we'll probably be bowling, going to raleigh to the art museum, movies, sci-works (planetarium type thingy i think), etc. w/ some yard work and no doubt visits to lowes or home depot thrown in. something for everyone. (now if there was just some weed thrown in there it truly would be magical!!!)

we just confirmed the boy has a play date (is it a play date for 8 year old boys?) monday (our set aside errand/house crap day cos the patio doors are being installed). his friend is coming here. actually, this kid is very well behaved AND he likes penguins; he's cool in my book.

today was going to be planting flowers day but alas it is raining. i love rain though so it's all good. the boys are going to hang out with my bro and nephew while the girl and i go to the sil's baby shower.

the girl found this this morning--earth hour. everyone turns out the lights tonight from 8-9. interesting. maybe we'll do it. the girl was like, uh, that means NO electricity, for an HOUR? what are we going to do for an hour?? egad. i think we should move to lancaster, pa. and let her see what living w/out electricity is really like (amish country).

one of the boy's purchases last night was yet another light saber. hmmm, yeah, i don't get that, as in understand that, so much cos he already had three. however, i obviously do not have the mind of an 8 year old boy (or if i did, as stephen king said, yes, i do have the mind of a small child. i keep it in a jar on my desk.) who had already decided if he got his dad to super glue the two red light sabers together he could have a darth maul light saber. unkay--not even really sure what that is but lord he was thinking. i have to be honest with you. i did like star wars. i liked all three of them that were made when i was growing up. then this decade things just went to hell in a hand basket because george made movies out of order and these latest ones actually are about the time BEFORE the ones made in the 70s and i'm all confused. people really shouldn't do that.

i'm a little giddy with excitement right now, thinking of the possibility of 10 days of not working for THE MAN. ok, the hub's works for a man; i work for a corporation and a handful of people who may or may not decide to be my boss on any given day. this little episode last 2-3 years of our lives has shown me that it sucks to work for a family business and it sucks to work for the corporate machine. a+b=c so that must mean work just sucks right?


Kristin.... said...

Thanks for playing along with the tag.
enjoy spring break! We had 5 inches of snow yesterday, so I think we'll see spring in July.

creative kerfuffle said...

we got so little snow this winter, i actually wouldn't mind spending one day with like two feet of snow if it could be gone the next day : )

Kristin.... said...

Seriously, we have about 3 or 4 feet of snow still in our yard. It's so depressing. Want me to ship you some? :)