Monday, March 17, 2008

and you think i'm a perv

i had to leave work early today cos the plumber is coming to fix the leak in our bathroom. i get home, scoop out the litter box, make sure everything looks presentable and low and behold the hubs walks through the door. apparently the plumber had called him to get directions etc. and this was a different guy than the one he spoke to on friday. this guy was confused about what he is to be fixing so the hubs came home to make sure i didn't get screwed.

he said that and i said, uh, yeah, like i'm going to screw the plumber.

and the hubs said, well, if it will knock something off the bill....

then i said, ok, well, you can stay here and i'll pick up the kids from daycare. and he said, but i thought we were going to have wild afternoon sex.

i said, while the plumber is here?

he said yeah, we can go to the kitchen.

yes ladies he was just kidding, unless of course i would have said, sure, let's do it.

however, i know that mine is not the only hubs that does this. i've read other blogs and many husbands out there are just as inappropriate.

i admit most of the time it amuses me but i wonder why they do it?

edit---ah, we're gonna get screwed after all. the price quoted on friday is about $400 less than the price the guy said today. damn i should have become a plumber.


Anonymous said...

And just why is it that in our society, it is the female that decides what is inappropriate. Perhaphs it is the fact that after you get married their is an alarm that goes off that says hey I can not be a fun person anymore. I know very few females that worried about inappropriate before they met their husband or before the man they married became their husband.

creative kerfuffle said...

hmmmm, so are you saying i'm not fun because i don't think it's appropriate to have sex while the plumber is in the house?