Thursday, December 11, 2008

you know it's not good when i post at 7 a.m.

i would just fill this post up w/ grumble grumble grumble but then you wouldn't know what i'm bitching about and what's the sense in that?

you would think after all these years i'd totally pay attention to the signs and gear myself up for it right? nah, i don't roll like that. plus, getting mentally prepared doesn't do a damn bit of good. the signs have been there all week---i hate everything in my closet; broke out the granny panties; had narcolepsy--yes, aunt flo (i've always hated that term) came to visit this morning. and really, the bitch needs to move the hell out. and yes, i think i write this same damn post at least every other month, but srsly mother nature? i'm. not.having.any.more.babies. i do not need the cycle anymore can i please get the fuck off now? cos it's just pissing me off. ahem.

also? it is what 11 days into december and yesterday it was like 60+ degrees and today i think we're going swimming. i hate weather. ok, i really don't, i love rain and thunderstorms and snow etc. just heat is what i hate. i hate sweating.

on a lighter note--ha, not very fucking likely (i almost typed lickly) today--our company is no longer up for sale. so, i am sort of breathing a small sigh of relief. a small one. because there are no guarantees.

i am in to the third book of twilight and i am frustrated. three books into this and they haven't had sex. removing my parental side from the equation (because that side is glad they haven't cos the girl is totally hooked on these books and for her sake i'm glad these teens haven't had sex) but from my personal point of view? if i were bella i would be masturbating all the damn time because edward thwarts her every stinking move to get physical. sometimes he lets it get to the point where she's breathing heavy and then backs off. srsly. dude has a lot of self control for a vampire. if the situation were reversed he'd be calling her a cock-tease. once you get the other person breathing heavy you can't really leave them in a lurch. that's not nice.

and, while i'm bitching, i am feeling a little neglected from my IRL peeps. the ones who used to read and comment? yeah. i think they left me.

the joy of kittens--aside from the bottom part of both trees now being un-decorated there are other joys to having kittens. all four of us hoomans have scratches on our feet. jasper thinks late night foot pouncing is the bomb. even w/ layers of covers between us he can do damage. also, all of our pony tail holders have disappeared. i have found balls of socks throughout the house. they were all matched up and ready to be put away in a basket in my room. now they are strewn all over the house in corners and god knows where else. i found christmas tree ornaments in the dining room and in the entryway last night. funny, i don't remember putting them there.

gah....happy little friday.


Astarte said...

Aunt Flo is like that relative that insists on bringing her special homemade fruitcake to every holiday. No one wants it, but everyone has to eat it, 'cause she's WATCHING. We just have to wait until the bitch dies.

I love kittens! I always thought it was hysterical when I found things all over the house, because I could just picture how funny they must have looked doing it. I think they all do the foot thing, too. Ow. They have pointy, pointy demon teeth.

Sherendipity said...

Alright, I don't know jack shit about Twilight, other than what you guys have blogged about, and what the movie trailer tells me, but....
If I was bella and I was all hot for a vampire, and Edward kept pushing me away, I'd totally go for the bad guy and tell Edward not to let the stake hit his ass on the way out.
Mmmmm, bad boys.

I love the kitteh story. I was out until 3am this morning, taking my zilla kitteh to the emergency 24 hour clinic because he was peeing what looked like tomato juice. Now I'm shoving antibiotics down his throat hoping I won't lose him.

creative kerfuffle said...

astarte--i seriously want to put a hit out on that bitch aunt flo. and the kittehs? yeah, the girl has all these little pom pom balls she gives them, it's hysterical to see them walking around w/ a hot pink fluff ball in their mouths, like they've just made the best kill evah.

shere--twilight, well, i would try to convince you to read them but srsly i'm half ashamed i'm so smitten w/ them. really. the tension and angst are KILLING me. and, rather than go for another vampire i think i'd have to ditch edward and go for the werewolf/guy. he too is hot. and wtf us wrong with your cat? i'm thinking get well thoughts for him sweetie.

Hotch Potchery said...

That is a lot of information to get in one post.

1. I HATE the term Aunt Flo, hate, hate, hate. It skeeves me out. I also hate on the rag, probably worse. I like to tease my boys and call it my "ladies days". There really is no good term.

2. Weather is weird. I like sweating if I am exercising, I feel like that is my fat melting and coming out of my pores. Otherwise, I am also against.

3. Glad about your work.

4. Umm. I really don't have a comment about your desire for fictional characters to just fuck already. Maybe they have and that Stephanie woman just missed it.

5. Kittens are cute.

I like little Friday, I typically go with Friday eve.

I think my party beers have gotten me awfully typy.

creative kerfuffle said...

hotch--well, i said aunt flo in case there were boys here. usually i just say my period or i'm on the rag. also, not a good visual. i guess if i exercised i'd like sweating. as for the fictionaly characters, i'm just a perv. plain and simple. well, not as much of a perv as some would like, but decidedly more so than most of my bliends or friends. and as for being typy after beers i think we should start a movement to have a drunk posting day.