Wednesday, December 31, 2008

i'm famous!

ok, not really, but i have been interviewed. hotch, over at the potchery got interviewed and then had to interview someone and of course i raised my hand. this is a first for me, being interviewed. i've interviewed lots and lots of people (it's what i do for a living) and have rarely really been interviewed myself. so, here goes.

1. If you HAD to go away for 3 days with just the hubs (Mary Poppins is available btw), where would you go? What types of things would do you?

well, if we had a transporter like on star trek, we'd go to germany, back to where we began. i'd love to go for christmas but of course wouldn't be away from the kids, so we'd go for oktoberfest instead : ) we spend a day drinking german beer and cavorting in munich at the fest then we'd head to nuremberg, where we lived. we'd visit what's left of the old haunts, tripping down memory lane. it would be bittersweet because i know it's changed drastically, but we'd have a great time. we'd go to downtown nuremberg, ride the strauss and ubahn and maybe we'd stay in a hotel downtown and just walk around, taking in the sights and smells and sounds.

if we didn't have a transporter and had to get there on our own we'd go to myrtle beach, where we went for our honeymoon. we'd stay at the caribbean hotel, they have a kick ass in-ground hot tub there, and eat at our favorite german restaurant and maybe i'd get wild and get a second tattoo : )

2. How are evenings (after work until bed) spent at your house?
they are frazzled. we come home, throw something together for dinner and the hubs and i catch up on each other's days while the kids are chilling out waiting to eat. after dinner it's homework. usually the girl gets hers done at daycare but the boy typically has a lot and needs help. if the hubs is helping him w/ his math i might blog or pick up or throw a load of laundry in. after homework and the kids get their baths we watch a little tv and they go to bed at 9pm. sometimes we mix up this routine and the hubs and i come home and lock ourselves in the bedroom before dinner. sometimes we have errands to run and mix that in w/ eating dinner out.

3. Is there any one moment in your life that you can pinpoint where you really wish you had made a different choice? Said different words? Gone a different way? Tell me about it.

believe it or not i've often thought about this. there are lots of things i wish i wouldn't have said, most of them were hateful things i said to the hubs. we fought A LOT for about the first 10 years we were married. i said a lot of mean, hurtful things. and, before we ever got married, man, i was such a bitch to him so many times. i sometimes regret that i got my tubes tied after the boy was born, but then reality hits and i realize two kids really is enough and our lives would be much different w/ three. i guess the bottom line is of course there are things i wish i wouldn't have said, and there are times that i wish i wouldn't have said yes, but all of those things are what makes me who and where i am today and honestly, i wouldn't have it any other way. the hubs has said before that he thought he'd be my second husband, but i knew, 20 years ago, that he would be in my life, be a focal point in my life, no matter what.

4. Do you like butt sex? HA HA HA. Just kidding. That was just to make you laugh. Knowing what you know now, would you choose the same career? If not, what would you choose?

funny you should mention the back door--ha. well, i will say that i have tried and enjoyed it but as the hubs would say it is really isn't even on the menu because it's been eons since i've done it. the thought of it makes me nervous and it's one of those things that i need a lot, i mean a lot of building up to and being stoned doesn't hurt. ha, that was just to make you laugh ; ) i would not choose the same career at all. i'm an editor for a magazine. writing like that has killed my creativity. i've always loved writing and reading and being in publishing has zapped my mojo for anything creative. i should have been a kindergarten teacher or an art teacher. i think i'd really get off on either of those things. and then my writing mojo would be in tact and i could write a kick ass, life changing novel.

5. What do you wish for ini 2009?

for 2009 i wish that we'd keep on our financial path, keep building for the future (college and retirement) and take more trips. more than anything i want to give my kids memories that will make them look back and think they had a great childhood and have fun memories of us, each other and the things we do. i also wish that if i do leave this job that the next job i get will be "the one." i also wish i could meet some of my bloggy friends : ) and see train in concert again, and see prince in concert (i've never seen him).

ok, so if you want to be interviewed, email me or leave me a comment and i'll totally do you : ) he he, i said do you.


Hotch Potchery said...

Great answers!

I have said countless times that I was glad we didn't have a lot of money when we were younger or Mr. P and I surely would have divorced. We were horrible to each other for many years...glad we weathered it, this side is so much nicer. I say that now even though I am annoyed at him right now...

creative kerfuffle said...

hotch--yeah, i think if we would have had the money (at least before the kids) we would have split up. but i think even then we would have been together somehow.

Kristin.... said...

um, hi. pick me.

Sherendipity said...

you know i would never turn down an offer for you to do me.

creative kerfuffle said...

k and s--ok, i'll totally do you. let me think of some good questions and i'll email them to you : ) schweeettttt!