Thursday, December 4, 2008

knock knock? who's there? procrastination

sweet lord i'm so unbelievably unproductive today. my co-worker just sent me a press release about these. they freak me the hell out.

speaking of parties (oh? weren't we?), it has sort of become a tradition that we have a christmas party. we started it about six years ago when we bought a house and moved out of our trailer; trailer's don't have a lot of party room i'm here to tell ya. last year we didn't have the party because the hubs was in OK w/ his dad w/ some health issues. this year friends have started asking me, so are you having your party this year?

i must admit, that made me happy. i always worry that people just come because they're my friends and they don't want to hurt my feelings; because honestly? i'm not martha stewart and am not a stellar hostess.

there's no way in hell we can have one before christmas this year so we're thinking of having it after new year's eve. side note---i have NEVER been to a new year's eve party. ever. frankly, it doesn't really bother me. everyone i want to kiss is always w/ me that night anyway, watching poor dick clark and drinking welch's sparkling apple juice out of fancy wine glasses ; )

the hubs just called me (during the work day we talk to each other 0-5 times), he's on his way home from the coast and his eta is 5:30ish. yay. i bet i get laid tonight.

i have consumed about 6 cups of coffee today.

i told you the kids started their own blogs right? well, only a few short days into it and the boy is ALREADY bitching about not getting a lot of comments! dude, i've been doing this for like 3 fucking years are you kidding me? also, they're invitation only so it's not like 50 kabillion (why is gazillion a number but kabillion isn't?) (i hyperbole numbers way too much) people will be reading and commenting. and frankly, when i read it i wonder if he's found my weed stash cos dude is OUT there. bless his heart and love his little twisted creative mind.

i said frankly too often. just so you know, i do not actually speak the way i write, at least not out loud. i totally talk like this in my head but not among people, at least i don't think i do.


Heinous said...

Those cherubs are scary. I wouldn't trust it in my office.

That's so funny that your son is complaining about lack of comments.

broad minded said...

yes, yes. please have a party. i am still traumatized that i missed your 40th surprise bday bash.

creative kerfuffle said...

heinous--i will probably have nightmares about those things. the boy wants me to add all of MY friends to his blog because he says none of HIS friends have email. wtf!
broad--ok, since you begged : ) srsly, i think we're gonna have one. spawn's welcome too of course. i also hate you missed the 4oh party cos it was an incredible surprise. i don't think i did anything terribly bad that night though.

Astarte said...

Those cherubs are nasty looking. Yuck. No one would ever go in your cube, though, that's for damn sure!

I want someone to have a good party near me. Like, the kind of party where you can have cut-it-loose, flirty fun. I think the only party I'm going to this year is with some friends from church, and while I love them dearly, it won't be That kind of party.

creative kerfuffle said...

astarte---no one would come in my pod anyway cos it's a hellacious mess. our parties are certainly cut-loose, don't know about the flirty, but fun : ) if we had a transporter like on star trek you could totally come to my party : )

Sherendipity said...

I don't really do New Year's Eve, but, Welch's Sparkling Apple juice? I might have a new tradition.

creative kerfuffle said...

shere--yeah, the hubs and i might have something stronger but the welch's we get for the kids. they think it's cool to drink out of the wine glasses.

creative kerfuffle said...

shere--yeah, the hubs and i might have something stronger but the welch's we get for the kids. they think it's cool to drink out of the wine glasses.