Monday, December 1, 2008

on a lighter note

traditions--we has em. we have lots of traditions in our family and i've realized lately that the boy loves this. he loves traditions. he doesn't like to change traditions. for example, we (being my folks, grandma and brother/sister and their families) have christmas eve at our house every year. well, for the last six years anyway since we've been in this house. i've casually mentioned changing venues to the kids and they are opposed to it.

what else? in the last few years we've put up two trees; one bigger one w/ multi-color lights in the den and a smaller, white-light tree in the living room. this is the tree santa visits (the boy still be lives in santa).

we hide a pickle ornament (a german tradition. whichever kid finds it gets a little something extra).

we have advent calendars (and i get one for my nieces and nephews). we decorate sugar cookies.

our favorite things are watching the little drummer boy; all the bass & rankin classics; the sound of music; snowmen decorations all over the place; gingerbread men (the boy went through a phase where he was obsessed w/ them; last year it was nutcrackers) and christmas music.

i have to say that yesterday the girl really touched my heart. although she was upset about rebel, she was always by my side trying to comfort me. afterwards she came and sat by me on my bed and put my head on her shoulder and patted me and hugged me. it was the sweetest thing.

tonight, both kids have entered blogworld. they have invitation-only sites. i'll be curious to see how this works out. they know the rules, no personal stuff, no details, etc., plus people have to be invited to read them and they aren't searchable by blogger or google.


Kristin.... said...

I thought of you today as my kids were putting up window clings with penguins! :)

I love traditions. We started our own here as a compromise~ our tree is decorated with colored lights and has Father Christmas on top (since I like an angel and he likes a star). Our tree has ornaments that we both made a kids, plus ornaments our kids have made, and my collection of flutists. We give the kids one present Christmas eve~holiday jammies~which they love.

Ok, taking up too much room.

Astarte said...

Good for your kids! That's cool that they have their own stuff that's safe and yet still fun.

We have a pickle ornament, too, although it just goes on the tree. Patrick is my Silly Pickle, so he has that, while Josie 'Pea' has a peapod ornament.

Heinous said...

We always do the story about Christmas Mouse. My son gets a kick out of looking for the present with the yellow ribbon every year.

creative kerfuffle said...

Kristin--your tree sounds nice : ) pictures, i want to see pictures : ) we have an angel topper on one and a glass topper on the other. and yes, though i loathe penguins at christmas i have lots of penguin ornaments : )
astarte--love the pickle and peapod ornaments! they sound cute.
heinous--what is this christmas mouse story of which you speak????