Thursday, December 11, 2008

saved by van morrison, mars and the hubs

the day has been saved by van morrison. i cranked caravan up so loud on my way to work that i could feel the speakers vibrating. THAT is awesomefuckingmusic right there folks. i was going to be all nice and linky w/ a Utube of caravan but i didn't like the versions they were offering.

mars also will be contributing to pulling my ass out of aunt flo's bitchfest because of their lovely, lovely peanut butter m&ms. i might just eat them for breakfast.

and the hubs. dear man. i called him this morning to apologize for waking him up an hour late (thanks to the aunt flo induced narcolepsy i had an even harder time hearing the alarm). he was totally fine and even chuckled when i told him we might be having chocolate for dinner. he said he saw it coming yesterday w/ my underwear choice and the fact that i came home horny and promptly fell asleep mid-sentence five minutes after the kids went to bed.

carry on.


Astarte said...

OMG, what IS that with sleeping when we have our periods?!?! I go into some kind of coma or something every month, and it's only getting worse! What will it be like in another five years??? Will I just pass out at the wheel or something?!?! Christ!

Also, I have to apologize, but I am crying I am laughing so hard about your holiday story. That is SO AWFUL. I can just picture your dad doing that, just a Duh guy, wandering around confused about why his little girl would ever need THAT. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I would have DIED.

Spanx said...

LOVE the Van! Can always get me out of a funk...You gotta try Ray LaMontagne then.. way cool stuff.

In reference to your earlier post about feeling neglected from IRL peeps that haven't been visiting, I am guilty and I apologize profusely! Mea Culpa...:P

justsomethoughts... said...

well, at least he figured it out. be thankful. most of us guys dont. we're surprised EVERY SINGLE TIME! why babe, just yesterday...amazing...

creative kerfuffle said...

astarte--i figure if the sleeping thing keeps getting worse i'll sleep for weeks at a time before i hit menopause.
and the holiday story? uh, no that wasn't a duh guy moment--he did it on purpose. he was grinning from ear to ear as he whipped those pads out, knowing i'd be humiliated. yeah.

spanx--you, my dear, are totally forgiven for not coming around : ) and i will take your musical suggestion. i heart van. he can't replace ROD, but he has a special place in my soul.

just--hey there--thought you'd dropped of the planet or something but i guess you were busy making soup. yeah, the hubs probably knew before i did, he's pretty astute at picking up on things, whereas i have to be beaten over the head.

Heinous said...

Van Morrison cures all. I'm with you there.